50 facts about casinos online

50 facts about casinos that you did not know about

Gambling has a long history, inextricably linked with human civilization. Casinos are perceived by modern society as a matter of course. Few people think what secrets and secrets of the past are hidden in the simplest elements of gambling attributes. Today we will tell you 50 amazing facts about the casino, which you probably did not know about.

50 facts about the casino:

1. On the drums of the first slots cards were depicted, but because of the authorities’ struggle against gambling, they were replaced with fruit symbols.

2. The first slot machines looked like an iron box with a handle and worked on the principle of transferring momentum from the lever to the drums using a system of shafts and gears.

3. The floors of gambling establishments try to cover with a bright attractive pattern, which raises the mood and tone of visitors.

4. Solid establishments aromatize the air in the room with an unobtrusive perfume so that the game in this casino is associated with pleasant smells, which increases the craving for excitement.

5. Casino halls most often have the structure of a labyrinth. This is done to ensure that the client who decided to leave, ran into other gambling entertainments and succumbed to temptation.

6. The administration of gambling clubs constantly gives valuable gifts to regular visitors who manage to win a large sum. Thus, they support interest in the game and enhance the reputation of the institution.

7. Chips have a different coloring and denominations, but they all have a thin white edge. This is done for the convenience of the dealer, which makes it easier to spot the chip on the table.

8. In gambling establishments, the windows are covered with film or covered with heavy curtains, and there are no clocks in the halls. This deprives the player of information about how much time he spent in the casino and gives him the opportunity to focus on the game.

9. In the Guinness Book of Records, a case was recorded where a player named Larry Holmstead sat at the table for 90 hours in a row.

10. Pocker Stars is the record holder of the biggest poker tournament. They held a rally and registered 225,000 people for the event, taking only $ 1 a share from them.

11. Images of kings on playing cards have real prototypes from the history: Worms – Charlemagne, Tref – Alexander of Macedon, Bubna – Julius Caesar, Pika – King David.

12. The cards themselves display 52 weeks in a year, suits – 4 seasons. If you add the denominations of all cards in the deck and add the joker, then 365 will appear – the number of days in a year.

13. The appearance of playing cards, which are used to all modern players, originated in Italy in the Middle Ages. Prior to this, the maps of different countries differed dramatically in their design.

14. Until the 16th century, card games were available only to the top of European society. The law prohibited commoners from playing cards and betting.

15. Four major card suits were formed in France in 1480. Each of them personified a certain estate. Worms are the clergy and the church, peaks are noblemen, tambourines are merchants, and clubs are a simple people or peasants.

16. The sum of the numbers in roulette is 666, which often led to attempts by the church to ban this type of gambling. However, it revived and is not rare even in the church itself.

17. The system of roulette rotation was invented by the famous scientist Blaise Pascal.

18. In China, gambling started with dominoes. This game was distributed throughout the country and it often made quite large bets.

19. The state of Nevada (USA), in which the famous Las Vegas is located, permitted gambling in 1931 solely for the purpose of replenishing the budget.

20. The largest casino in the world is Foxwood Resort in Nevada, USA. It is located on the territory of the Indian reservation among the picturesque nature.

21. Thanks to the act of Reagan, the Indians living on reservations in the United States have complete exemption from taxes. This has turned the gambling business into their “national” type of business.

22. Albert Einstein once said that the probability of winning roulette in no way depends on the player’s system. It’s just an accident that can happen or not.

23. Einstein is credited with the most effective strategy of playing roulette. According to him, the correct way to break the jackpot in roulette is to wait until the croupier turns away, scraps the chips and retires.

24. The most popular system for playing various gambling games is Martingale. This technique is used in this or that modification for every game in the casino.

25. Bones in the institutions of Las Vegas are made to within 0.005 millimeters. This ensures an absolute equality of chances of falling out of each of the 6 results.

26. The highest gaming institution in the world is the Stratosphere of Las Vegas, which is in Nevada (USA). The casino was built in 1996 and is located at an altitude of 350 m.

27. The superstitiousness of gamblers has led to the fact that in Europe and America there are no rooms with the number 666 in the casino hotels, but there are several apartments with the number 777 on the door.

27. The superstitiousness of gamblers has led to the fact that in Europe and America there are no rooms with the number 666 in the casino hotels, but there are several apartments with the number 777 on the door.

28. In China, figure 4 is considered unsuccessful. Therefore, in casinos and hotels they do not have 4 floors and rooms 4, 44, etc.

29. In the Principality of Monaco during the church service in churches it is forbidden to perform psalms with a numbering from 1 to 36. Previously, gamblers, hearing the first words from a familiar psalm, fled to put on his number in the nearest casino.

30. Playing in a casino is the reason for creating a sandwich. Sir John Montagu was such an avid player that he even ordered himself to be fed to the table. For convenience, the player asked to wrap food in a slice of bread.

31. The most successful roulette player is Charles de Villes Wells. In 1891, he broke the largest jackpot in the casino of Monaco. He did this not once but six times in a row.

32. In a number of Hong Kong casinos decided to give players a certificate that their profits are a prize in the casino and are not taxed. This innovation immediately brought attention to the mafia structures, which thus began to launder money.

33. Poker is one of the most complex gambling games on the planet. Of the 52 cards of one deck, as many as 2,598,960 different combinations fall out.

34. British actor Sean Connery, who once played James Bond, surpassed the screen special agent in luck. In 1963, he won a roulette at the casino “San Vincent” three times in a row. In this case, the actor put all three times on the same number – 17.

35. Many famous works of literature classics are written under the influence of playing in the casino. Passion for gambling was different at one time LN. Tolstoy, FM Dostoevsky, MV Gogol and many other classics of Russian and foreign literature.

36. In the park of the German city of Kurhaus there is a statue of Dostoevsky. So one of the oldest local casinos noted his significant contribution to the development of the institution.

37. In North Korea for a long time for ideological reasons gambling institutions were banned. However, now there are several casinos functioning, as they bring an excellent profit to the budget.

38. According to international research centers, the most reckless on the planet are Australians. It is in this country the largest percentage of players in the total mass of the population.

39. The most common gambling in the world is the lottery. Social studies have proven that a large part of the world’s population has ever participated in a certain lottery.

40. The famous Roman emperor Nero was so passionate that he did not allow him to distract him from the game even at the height of the fires in Rome.

41. The biggest loser in gambling is the King of Great Britain, Henry 8. One day he lost so much in the dice that he had to hand over to his opponents one of the bells of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

42. Monte Carlo casinos protect their residents from gambling addiction. The local population is strictly forbidden to play in their native casinos.

43. Egypt – the birthplace of gambling. The first similarities of playing houses were built in the lower reaches of the Nile River about 4 thousand years ago.

44. In the 18th century, British underground casinos hired special workers, whose duty was to swallow dice during raids.

45. The profession of the dealer appeared in the 18th century in the UK. This was the name of the person who stood behind the beginning player and helped him during the game.

46. ​​Black Jack – the most honest game in the casino. The player can reduce the advantage of the establishment in front of the visitor to a minimum of 0.17%.

47. Japan’s legislation prohibits games for money. But this does not prevent the development of the gambling industry. Local slots give out winnings sweets, cigarettes, souvenirs and other things.

48. The cost of making one casino chip is 1-1.5 dollars.

49. Napoleon Bonaparte spent most of his time playing blackjack during his exile to Elba Island.

50. The 37th US President Richard Nixon owes his successful political career to playing poker. When he served in the Navy, he often played with his colleagues, winning more than $ 6,000 in the general account. He invested this money in his first political company.

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