Auto-game in slot machines

Auto-game in slot machines

The autoplay is provided in most gambling machines and the players’ opinions about its use are divided almost by half. Someone thinks that to include this mode is the same as just giving casino money, for someone it is a convenient and necessary function, some in general play only on autopilot. In this article, we will try to highlight the main features of the auto game mode and to understand whether it is worth using.

So, auto-game is a mode that, if available, can be installed on the gaming machine for the purpose of playing without the player’s participation, on the “autopilot”. In some devices, you can specify additional parameters in the auto game – the number of moves, the cancellation of the mode when issuing bonuses, a certain amount, etc.

Negative sides of auto games

No possibility to stop the reels manually
Lack of opportunity to increase the risk of playing a game
Distracted you can not notice how the machine “eats” all the funds in the account
The game moves away from the gambler, it becomes a simple observer

The positive moments of autogames

Saving time (as a rule, in this mode the game goes faster)
Do not need to press the start button every time
You can play and do your own things on the computer
An indispensable function, in cases where the machine dispenses and needs to move away
You can set a minimum bet and without any financial loss analyze the issuance of the machine for a long time

As you can see, the regime of auto-games of pluses is still more, and it is necessary to distinguish the main one – the opportunity to break the bank, while closing the game is simply unacceptable because of the jackpot, which just at this moment “distributes” the slot machine. A mistrust of players to the “robot” – the view that he simply cleans their pockets and plays only in favor of the casino is just another myth. After all, this regime also broke solid amounts, as evidenced by the many lodovodov taken by players.

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