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Bank checks in online casinos

I will not argue that the most convenient method for withdrawing winnings in an online casino is a plastic card. Only, I want to say that this option will not be offered to you by every casino, and you will have to deal with this method of withdrawing funds, like bank checks.

I will not hide that checks in our country seem to you only evil. Why I do not like them so much, you will very soon understand. The first thing I want to say is that the check will not be issued to you by Sberbank of Russia, or by any other bank located in the next block. It will be issued by a foreign bank. That is, cash it without an intermediary, you will not succeed in any way, in addition, for the whole procedure sometimes takes up to three months time.

In general, the very concept of a check, in English it means – is a monetary document made to the required standards, which contains an order from the owner of a credit account to receive a certain amount of money on it.
Now let’s move on to the main thing – to how the money is actually withdrawn from the check. Among the banks of Russia recently began to meet those who offer the services of accepting a check for collection.

Collection is a banking operation in which the bank, on behalf of the client, undertakes to receive a sum of money that is intended for the client on the basis of settlement or monetary documents.

If you do not live in Moscow, or some other widely-developed city, then, most likely, in order to cash the check you will have to go to Vneshtorgbank. Since you will not have another choice, in addition, you will need to pay at least $ 7 for cashing out each check.

For any you need to call all possible banks in the city, and find out whether they accept personal checks for collection from foreign banks.

Of course, for each service the bank withdraws from its client a certain amount of money. In most cases, it is taken as a percentage of the amount with a fixed minimum. Another commission can be taken, as with each check separately, and from all together. Most often this is the amount that is from 1 to 5 percent of the cash amount. In each bank you will be informed how to properly write an application, and fill in other necessary documents.

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that for some employees of the bank this operation can also become a new one. So, in this case, have patience, and wait until the young operator with the entire department will try to get to that. What do you require of them. The waiting time can be prolonged up to one hour, while an experienced employee will not learn the rules for accepting checks or collection. Unfortunately, this is the real truth.
As a result, the client receives a receipt indicating when to expect the arrival of funds. It already depends on how much the bank is promoted, and in what city do you live. In Moscow, you will have to wait no more than three weeks, and in small, not the most advanced cities from one to three months.

After the waiting time has expired, you will receive a form at the address informing you that your funds have already arrived and you can receive them, or you will simply be called by their bank branches and informed about it verbally.

As mentioned above – checks are very uncomfortable. In addition, they have several tricks, which are quite important for the client. A check can reach a client in a damaged form, it has its own validity period. And, the most insulting, that you can simply not cash it.

If you received a damaged check (even if it is not even a straight line of separation), then it is very unlikely that the bank will accept it. If he does, he can still not be cashed in his native country, and no one will pay the commission paid by you. If you received a damaged check, you do not need to panic, just call technical support and explain the situation. After that, a check that you have on hand is canceled and will send you a new check. And as for the damaged check, you can do with it whatever you want, just do not try to cash it.

In most cases, the payability of a check is half a year, or 180 days. But there are also other different cases, you can find out on the Internet casino website by sending a request on the question that interests you.

Cases when the check is not cashed I have never heard, but this is constantly frightened by the employees of banks, especially when they see on the check the most minor damages. But there is very little chance that your check will remain unchanged.

So, now let’s sum up the fact that the most basic thing you need to know about checks. The check is sent to the owner by mail. It takes from 1 to 3 weeks time. Dale awaits you collection, which takes from two weeks to several months. All banks offer customers various conditions for depositing checks. A bank check has its own time of action, and is subject to mechanical damage.

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