Chip Nominal in the casino

Chip Nominal in the casino

In online poker chips can be anything – clear criteria, perhaps not. In the casino, everything is different, the color of each chip is related to its face value, and all serious institutions adhere to established standards. This tradition was formed not in one year, but in the whole history of the development of the gambling industry.

Tokens replace real money, this is the game currency unit that is bought and then again can be exchanged for winnings. The nominal value of a chip in a casino is its ratio with a certain value, price. The monetary equivalent (rubles, dollars or euros) is not so important, the main thing is that the amount should be indicated. The denominations start with a unit, then the price increases exponentially. Sometimes they can also enter some intermediate values, for example, for specific games or simply convenience of service.

Each kind of game implies its “nominal” features. For example, in cash game (cash game) chips with lower denominations are used, large numbers may not be useful. In hold’em or stud poker, chips from 1 to 1000 (1000, 500, 100, 25, 5 and 1) are convenient. Russian poker is famous for non-standard denominations – 50, 20, 10.

As for the color scheme, the administration of the gambling house has every right to experiment in this area at its own discretion. Similarly, casinos can invent their own bindings to color, so there is no unambiguous standard. However, there is an unspoken rule or, rather, a template:

– white color – 1 (starting value)
– red – 5
– blue – 10
– green – 25 (from this denomination starts in sports poker)
– black – 100
– purple – 500
– yellow / orange – 1000
– pink – 5000
– light gray / sky blue – 10000

Of course, such a distribution is not a law, but adhere to it, mainly for convenience. Players are easier to navigate in bets, staff – to control the process and calculate the winnings. In some casinos chips are so exclusive that they simply do not want to spoil the face value. Therefore, not only chips, but also tables, are painted in the right color. I looked – and it is immediately clear what bets are being played. Provided that the “language of color” is already familiar, it will help to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.

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