Clothes in the casino - how to dress

Clothes in the casino – how to dress

More recently, almost all European casinos were reigned with the strictest rules of the dress code, but now their requirements for the appearance of visitors have become much more democratic. In particular, this applies to gambling establishments that are very popular with tourists. For example, in Las Vegas, as in many other American cities, the average casino visitor wears a T-shirt, a baseball cap and sneakers or slippers.

Today, the traditions of the dress code remain true only the most elite casinos with a world-wide name and, interestingly, some of the domestic casinos.

In Russia and Belarus, in most gambling houses, the generally accepted rules of the dress code apply, according to which you will not be allowed inside if you have sneakers or a tracksuit, and if you are drunk and untidy.

Today, to get to the casino you need to make your clothes neat, tidy and clean, and also sit well on you. In officiality and excessive pomposity now there is no point: often it can even do you a disservice in your desire to play in the casino. True, in some elite casinos in Russia and Belarus, there are more strict dress code rules: women should be in evening cocktail dresses, and men in strict formal suits. But such pathos gambling establishments in the CIS countries are not so much: usually in a casino there are more democratic requirements to the appearance of visitors.

Among the basic rules of the dress code, which are common to all terrestrial casinos, you can distinguish the following:
The main thing in your clothes is not its high cost, but neatness: you can hardly go beyond guarding the casino, if you wear a very expensive suit, but it will not sit on you or look sloppy. Moreover, recently among the wealthy people there was a tendency to a more modest appearance, which allows them not to stand out due to their wealth among the rest of the people.

You do not have to look vulgar or defiant: better prefer the elegant strict style. You will never be denied admission to a gambling establishment, if you are dressed neatly and tastefully.

Perhaps the most important part of your wardrobe for a hike in the casino is the shoes. You should choose the strict classical shoes, while it is better for women to prefer closed shoes with heels. On sneakers, sneakers, sandals and slates it is better to forget, here you are not loyal to the appearance of visitors to the Las Vegas casino.

Accessories should be in harmony with your costume or dress and not get out of the picture, while emphasizing your elegance and style. If you doubt whether this or that piece of jewelry fits with yours, then do not put it on.

Remember that in a casino it is better not to go while in a state of intoxication. First, you most likely will not be allowed inside, and secondly, you risk losing a lot.

Also, the protection of the casino often assesses not only the wardrobe of a potential visitor, but also its appearance: if a person has a pleasant appearance and beautiful facial features, he can be allowed inside to create the entourage of the establishment, closing his eyes to some shortcomings in his clothes. Remember, your neatness, charisma, politeness and goodwill are a guarantee that you will definitely be missed at the casino. If you behave aggressively or rudely, then you can not hold chips in your hands this evening.
We hope that these tips will help you to choose the right wardrobe for your next or possibly first campaign in the casino, and you will not have any problems with going inside and enjoying the process of your favorite gambling.

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