Commandments of bonus-hunting in online casinos

Commandments of bonus-hunting in online casinos

We must admit that bonus-hunting (if you do not know what it is, read the articles in the special section of the portal as the phenomenon gradually disappears from the world of online gambling, which we admit is very happy.

Owners of online casinos have long understood that giving money to the right and left in the form of generous bonuses is a deliberately unprofitable tactic. For every decent player that can be attracted in this way, there are a hundred fans of “freebie” who will never become permanent customers of the institution.

Accordingly, they toughened the rules for obtaining and wagering bonuses, and some institutions generally abandoned the practice of charging them to all players in a row, confining themselves to personal offers that they make to loyal customers. But the desire for easy and quick money will never leave the human race, and people who want to try their luck in the field of bonus-hunting will certainly not disappear soon.

However, sometimes there are bonuses that may be of interest to bonus hunters, so dare if you are interested, and we will give you some recommendations.

Search for profitable bonuses

There are a lot of casinos on the net. It is not easy to find the best bonuses. Therefore, we advise you to use information on specialized resources. For example, on the portal regularly there are articles about bonuses in various casinos.

Moreover, readers of our site some institutions offer exclusive bonuses, which you can get if you go to a special link. Naturally, such bonuses are much more profitable than ordinary shares.

Learning the rules

The first thing to do before applying for a bonus, is to carefully study all the points of the rules of the casino. You must be sure that to the last word you understand what is going on in each paragraph. You should be free to use terms and understand the types of bonuses. You need to know what are the features of winning bonuses in every single institution.

Without all this you can not be sure that you will be able to get and correctly win back the bonus.

Calculating the profitability of the bonus

Be sure to learn how to calculate if the bonus is theoretically profitable if it is connected to you with some kind of risk. You should understand that not all deposit bonuses are really a good offer. Most of them, although presented as a favor to the player, are in fact an additional source of income for the casino. In other words, they also include a percentage of the advantages of the institution, which manifests itself on a long stretch and on a large stream of customers.
We told you in a separate article on about how to determine if the bonus of your attention is worthy.


As you can see, our article focuses more on casino players in general than directly on bonus hunters. All the advice that we gave will be useful to everyone who decided to take part in some kind of casino action. But we did not talk about any tricks. There is an explanation for this.

In fact, we disapprove of bonus hunters. This is because of them, normal players almost lost the opportunity to get really interesting bonuses. This is the approach to the game, which certainly leads to a dead end. It is for this reason that we do not want to give any practical recommendations that could help you one way or another to try to circumvent the rules of wagering bonuses in an online casino.

In short, we are for honest gambling from both the owners of gambling establishments and casino customers. Let’s hope that Internet gambling operators in the future will find a more effective way how to separate adventurers from normal players so that the latter can again enjoy profitable shares.

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