Play Fairy Land 2 Slot Machine for free

Fairy Land 2 Slot Machine

What is a Fairy Land 2 slot machine? This is a free game created by Duomatic. An unusual frog is the main character, he knows how to have fun and calls you to take part in it, but first you need to make friends with his friends: a butterfly, a snail and a chameleon. After acquaintance you can start the process of winning.


Fairy Land 2 Slot Machine for money

The main feature of the Fairy Land 2 slot machine in an online casino is the minimum bet. It is equal to 250 rubles per rotation. In this game you can choose: nine active lines and five reels. At the beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to try a series of payments from a minimum bet per coin. Also in the Fairy Land 2 gaming machine there are unique symbols, for example, a close friend of the frog Chameleon, which replaces other signs and raises your reward by a factor of x10000 with a combination of their five characters.

But the frog has many wonderful friends. For example, a gorgeous butterfly. It also plays a big role on the Fairy Land 2 gaming machine. When composing combinations with butterflies, players should pay attention to the multipliers for payments from x20 and x150. But the butterfly – not the strongest heroine in the game, because there is also a sluggish snail, which creates victorious combinations with coefficients from x10 to x100.

But still the main character – a frog nobody will give way, because three frogs on a series of payments with a video of rotation – and you are in a game with bonuses consisting of two stages. At the initial stage, the user must lead the frog through the quagmire, pointing the frog to the route along the water lilies and avoiding obstacles. After all, one of the water lilies can hide the crocodile to catch a frog and eat it, punishing you for your mistake.

Play now Fairy Land 2 Slot MachineOne mistake the user decides the fate of the main character of the free gaming machine Fairy Land 2 – the legendary, fearless frog. But if you manage to overcome obstacles, then you will move to a new, second level of the game with bonuses. Then the player appears in the hands of a flashlight, and before his eyes two bushes. And then you have to guess, using a flashlight and directing its light on the bush, where the frog hides.

If the player guesses, then you tear down the Jackpot, that is, you get a huge bonus prize. But if the player is wrong, then this mistake ruins the life of the frog, because behind the bush sits a terrible crocodile. But also you can try your luck in other slots, for example, in the Gaming machine.

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