Free backs when playing slot machines

Free backs when playing slot machines

Most video slots today offer their players the “free spin” option. This option means that the player does not bet, but continues to receive payments. This is a very popular option. Which was in motion before the advent of online games. Free bonuses was even in Soviet slot machines.

Definition of free spin All players on slot machines have known for a long time that during a free spin, he does not put any amounts on the bet, but simply receives payments on his back. Therefore, it is free. That is, the user can spend several rounds of the game and get a win on them. It turns out that the bet in this case makes the machine itself, and the costs are borne by the casino. Most often, the amount of such a bet is equal to that which was before the dropped free series. Also determined is the number of lines for which bets are made. The beginning to such spins is the display of special symbols on the screen. This is a set of three or more pictures that are displayed on the reel lines anywhere (for example, it might be the famous Scatter sign).

Some slot machines offer such a spin after the accumulation of some bonuses. In the machine called Robin Hood: Shifting Riches are four sacks of gold. Each type of machine can have its own conditions for starting a series of free spins.

Special abilities

The advantage of getting paid without making bets is not the main plus of free spins. Another advantage of this option is other additional features that bring players much more profit. The most beneficial solutions are described below.

– Wild symbol and its features: such symbol with a free back acquires expanded capabilities depending on the gaming device. In some devices Wild symbols appear on their seats at the end of the series of free spins. In others, this symbol is occupied by a whole drum, and on the other two they also appear during the game. Wild symbols in Rango are very advantageous: with a free back, one such symbol multiplies the bet by two, two symbols increase it by 4 times, and 3 symbols – in 8 times! In game slot machines Fire Flies, the extended Wild falls on the last three lines in the drums. And when you play Jack Hammer 2, the Wild symbol appears instead of other images.

Multiplication of winnings during free spin

The most popular option for free spin, when the player increases the payout amount according to the coefficient. In some slots, the payout can be multiplied by 3, while in others the payout increase is calculated in a special round. It also determines how much such winning payments will be. In some Net Entertainment slot machines, the player himself determines how many free spins there will be and what the payout ratio will be, on the other machines of the same company, the payout multiplier grows with each subsequent round.

Custom Functions

Players are very fond of when slots offer them non-standard solutions during the game. This allows you to make the gameplay more fun and diverse. The already mentioned company Net Entertainment at the output of certain combinations “turns” them into more profitable, payment of which is much higher. In some special machines, there may be Locked Wilds symbols that appear if there are two specific characters nearby (for example, a policeman and a bandit in the Cops and Bandits machine). In other machines, the first drum is occupied by a winning symbol, while the other two are spinning in the free spin game.

Results for free spins apply a lot of other interesting features. All of them depend on the manufacturer or the game process on the machine. Some thematic slots, of course, use their symbols in the game to comply with the entourage chosen subject. Enumeration of features for a single machine is pretty laborious and it’s better to try different types yourself and choose the most advantageous and understandable of all the variety in the market of slot machines.

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