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One of the main advantages of online casinos in front of their real counterparts is the opportunity to experience almost all gambling in training mode. Many establishments allow you to run slot machines even without registration at conditional bets.

Offline casinos very rarely can afford such a luxury, because the croupier’s work must be paid regardless of whether he participates in the game process for real money or “candy wrappers.”

But gambling sites like this initiative is worthless. Moreover, it is even advantageous for them, because often potential customers enter the casino only to play in the training mode, and then get carried away and decide to try their fortunes at real rates.

Why do I need a free mode?

The answer to this question seems obvious. Moreover, there can be several reasons for playing “for interest”.
First, this approach makes it possible to understand whether you like the game or not, without spending money on it.

Secondly, new models are sometimes so complex that it is not easy to understand them at once.
Thirdly, the game on conditional bets allows you to practice strategy skills, check the effectiveness of betting systems and simply carefree time.

Surely you can find other reasons to experience online games in the demo version.

Features of the game “for interest” in the online casino

Some time ago, most online casinos were not allowed to experience gambling without registration. This they pushed users to open accounts. But then more and more establishments began appearing in which such an opportunity is provided to any visitor, and this caused many casinos to reconsider their policy in this matter.

However, there are still sites on which the amount issued for testing games is limited. Moreover, sometimes you can see a casino offering to purchase training credits for real money (for example, in a ratio of 1: 1000). For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that such savagery is a lot of very seedy casinos, which should not be visited at all.

Unavailable for testing games

It happens that some slot machines, video slots or gambling online games of other categories can not be tested at conditional bets. As a rule, this applies to models with progressive jackpots or multi-user participation.
It is often forbidden to play “candy wrappers” with live croupiers. This practice is understandable, because the content of the croupier’s staff requires additional expenses. For example, in offline casinos also no one will allow you to play for free.

Many gambling operators forbid testing new slots in demos. This approach is widespread in the online casino on the Playtech platform, which, of course, does not please customers.

Excessive recoil in training mode

Many casino customers are sure that the casino is being juggled with the results of the game in Fun mode. Say, while playing “for interest”, constantly in the black, and it’s worth switching to real money, as soon as a protracted strip of bad luck begins.

Let’s just say that we also faced this phenomenon. In particular, once the author of this article tested the video slot for several hours (first manually and then in automatic mode) and the amount of the win stably increased until the Internet connection was interrupted. To check how profitable this game will be at real rates, I certainly did not. And so it is clear what it smelled of.

But this kind of fraud (otherwise you will not call it) is found only in cheap casinos working on dubious software. Authoritative companies cherish their name and usually do not allow casino administration to interfere with the work of their products.

So the conclusion suggests itself: play only on the proven software.


It is clear that online casinos generously offer to gamble for free, hoping that you will be carried away by the process and want to bet real money. But who is preventing you from using this opportunity for your own purposes? Keep yourself in hand, test the games that interest you, but go to real bets only if you are sure that it’s worth it.

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