Fruit cocktail slot machine

Free Fruit Cocktail Slot Machine

The Fruit Cocktail slot machine has been around for a long time and has gained popularity among the players who also nicknamed its Clubbing, which confirms the idea that the right entourage attracts the public.

The principle is simple.

Fruit Cocktail slot machine Everything is standard: there are five drums and nine lines. If there are three to five identical pictures from one or another edge in one line, then your line won. Here it is necessary to note the feature of the Fruit Cocktail slot machine to accrue the winnings in the progression, the more one picture left in a row, the more you will win. Yes, and fruits themselves bring different points, the most profitable – pineapple, for pineapple the rate can increase by 2000 times. Strawberry drop can make your winnings 5000 times more. Strawberries are a symbol, replacing any missing fruit in a row.

Risk game

As in any classical slot, there is also a risk-playing game with all of its previously earned credits. You can exit it after each successful scrolling of the reels by clicking on the “Double” button, we must remember that in case of a loss your entire winnings are lost, but if you guessed, then the points are doubled. The meaning of the game at risk is to select from four cards the card “over” the one that the dealer chose.

Bonus Game

Play Fruit Cocktail slot machineThe Fruit Cocktail slot machine will also delight you with a bonus game. To enter the bonus game, you must collect at least three strawberries in a row. And a different number of symbols brings a different increase in the coefficients.

After falling out of the strawberries, another window with three reels appears on the screen, around it are the same fruits that are highlighted alternately in fast mode. You need to scroll the drum so that the symbol on them coincides with the symbol at the edges of the window. In case of coincidence, the winnings are multiplied exactly by the number of points of profit that a particular symbol brings. We remind you that each fruit has its own points, the most profitable after the name of the game itself, “Fruit Cocktail”, then comes a watermelon, the least amount is given by a cherry. If the backlight falls on the “Exit” sign, the bonus game is completed.

In the Fruit Cocktail slot machine you can play for free, just checking your luck. And you can choose a real game for money.

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