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Gambling in Cambodia

People who like to play slot machines are often interested in the history of their appearance and development. It is especially interesting to observe the formation of the gaming industry in different countries of the world, differing in their standard of living and ideological thinking. In this sense exotic Cambodia is an ideal subject for study. Well, how many gambling casinos can exist in the country for money if the inhabitants do not have fresh water, and agriculture is conducted by medieval methods?

Gambling – origin

Numerous revolutions, the terror of the Cambodian population and the economic decline of the state, the peak of which occurred in the 1970s, prevented the emergence of a full-fledged gambling industry on this territory. Various games slots and other gambling entertainment, executed in the Western manner, did not take root among the poor people. The situation changed when Cambodia fell under the temporary protectorate of NATO in the 90s – industrial enterprises appeared, people had the opportunity to earn and spend money. They wanted to experience a sense of excitement. And as confirmation of this right on the streets of the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, there were artisanal buildings made of plywood, the names of which indicated that this is a place for playing – a casino gaming club. A little later, foreign businessmen managed to create really decent gambling establishments of the European type, but they all for some reason were located on the water and functioned like a cruise liner. Here it was possible to win in a comfortable atmosphere in the slot machines or enjoy games at the tables. Despite this, amateur clubs enjoyed greater popularity among the local population.

Cambodian Casinos – Restrictive Measures

In 1996, the Cambodian authorities tried to bring order to the country and legislatively settle all disputes. Within this policy, gambling establishments and games were banned. However, just a few months later the first gambling clubs received state licenses, and the rest did not even think about stopping their activities, despite the ban. The authorities began to act only after a wave of high-profile crimes related to kidnappings swept the casino. All the institutions moved 200 kilometers from the capital and to the border with Thailand, where they successfully function until now. After all, the Thais, deprived of the opportunity to make monetary rates in their homeland, are happy to visit the bordering Cambodian areas and bring a good profit.

Virtual gambling

It is too early to talk about the appearance of virtual gambling houses in Cambodia, such as grinkazino online. After all, most of the population of this country simply can not access the Internet, which means that the existence of a network gambling with its large prizes, various slots and the ability to play for free without registration is simply impossible. Accordingly, officials do not even think about attracting operators and creating an Internet gambling that can not only meet the needs of the population, but also bring the state treasury a profit.

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