Gambling games in Korea

Gambling in Korea

Korean gambling as such arose in 1947, when the government decided to hold the first lottery. However, casino casinos habitual for the rest of the world appeared much later. In terms of the development of the gambling industry, South Korea is very far behind developed countries, and the North in general does not want to recognize the very fact of their existence. The first gaming club for playing for money appeared in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) only in 1967. The magnificent establishment, located in the most expensive hotel in Incheon, made a real sensation among Koreans and was the beginning of the formation of the gambling industry.

The policy of the Korean authorities in relation to the casino

The government of South Korea reacted negatively to the fact that their people can get the right to play casinos. But, pursuing certain monetary interests, its representatives did not hurry to impose bans on gambling establishments. Handled by the usual restrictions of the visit, that is, to get into the gambling halls could only representatives of foreign countries, for Koreans the entrance there was closed. But they sometimes had a chance to see and try out the legendary slot machines or sit at the card table. This happened, if the Korean could get the support of a foreign guest and come to the casino as his escort. There was another way – solid citizens of Korea posed as Japanese businessmen and enjoyed the privileges of foreigners. This continued until 2000, until there were establishments built specifically for local residents.

Casino and slots for Koreans

The first gambling club for Koreans arose in Sabuk. He was allowed to open with just one goal – to achieve by improving the economic performance of the region through additional revenues. It was not about further development of gambling, its legislative regulation and creation of honesty control, to win in slots was real. The lack of these elements did not confuse the thirsty Koreans, who are enraptured by the game of slot machines. Surprisingly, this institution is thriving so far, constantly increasing the number of gambling tables and replenishing the collection of “one-armed bandits”. They say that some rich and excessively gambling visitors leave there up to $ 2 million a day.

Virtual gambling

Restrictions on visiting the casino have borne fruit – among the inhabitants of South Korea, virtual entertainment, such as on the site of grinkazino online, was gaining increasing popularity. Moreover, they could be tested for free without registering on the resource. The availability of gambling was not acceptable to the government of the Republic of Korea, and it began to fight against them. Since 2003, providers have installed specialized filters that track and block the emergence of links and advertising gambling clubs. Representatives of the government argue that these measures are aimed at avoiding the diversion of funds from the country. As for North Korea, then gambling is prohibited, and those who violate it can even be executed.

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