Gambling in the UK

Gambling in the UK

Residents of the United Kingdom are famous for their craving for excitement. It is known that even the knights of Richard I (Lionheart) loved to play for money in dice. However, with the advent of Richard II in 1388 gambling in the UK was outlawed, they were banned. Given the policy pursued by the authorities, it is only natural that the appearance of playing cards in other European countries caused a negative reaction from the monarchs. In particular, Edward IV simply banned their importation. Realizing that these kinds of decisions are only provoked by fans of gambling, the games were legalized, but with great restrictions – to take advantage of the chance and test their own degree of luck, the British could only 12 days a year during the Christmas holidays. The subsequent rulers dubbed the restraining decisions, but did not extend them to noble estates and clergy, so it was in these sections of society that the further development of the gambling industry took place.

Gambling – confrontation with the authorities

Despite significant restrictions, dice and cards did not lose their popularity, causing great irritation to the authorities, who believe that this kind of entertainment adversely affects the people. In the end, in 1739 they were again banned. However, the authorities miscalculated a bit, forgetting about the newly appeared roulette. It was she who became the new central figure in the gambling world of Great Britain. After six years, it was also banned. Surprisingly, all punitive measures related to money games concerned only the people of the lower classes, and aristocracy representatives continued to master the favorite games, visiting a special gaming club or organizing its semblance right at home.

Play and win at any cost!

Citizens of the UK were looking for excitement everywhere, despite the prohibitions. It was here that the lotto was born, and the bookmaker, taking bets on various events, became as familiar as the appearance of a milkman in the early morning. Restless Britons even managed to create a prototype gambling slot, which was then transformed into all known American slot machines. Even the creation of a national anti-gambling league – the National Anti-Gambling League could not influence the public opinion and change the attitude of people to the game.

Modernity – numerous casinos and innovative slots

Currently, the English gambling industry – it’s numerous real and online casinos, reliable, recognized throughout the world, manufacturers of gambling software and a clear legislative framework that guarantees the safety and honesty of the game. What is the only company Betsoft, which produces the best to date gaming machines in 3-d format. By the way, in the category of animated slots greenkazino they also are. As for the special institutions, you can win at the casino by visiting real luxury halls or by giving preference to equally great virtual analogues. Especially since the latter are available free of charge without registering and passing through other formalities. Unprotected layers of the population, especially children, are protected from gambling by law, which also ensures their control of honesty.

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