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Gambling machines USA

The first slot machines appeared in the USA in the 19th century. In 1884 Charles Faye personally made a three-drum single-line slot, taking as a basis the vending machine for the chewing gum. It could be started by dropping a 5-cent coin into the slot and pulling the handle. When the symbols on the reels coincide, the player received 10 coins. In order for people to win more money in games, the number of symbols had to be increased. So gambling slots were supplemented with card symbols. Unusual, bright and extremely fascinating cars quickly gained popularity, so already in 1896, Fai was forced to open a factory for their production. The fire of 1906 destroyed it, putting an end to a prosperous business, but the history of American slots did not end there.

Bally Slots

In 1907, a merchant named Steve Bell began to produce slot machines, completely repeating Faya’s machines. However, the bankrupt businessman could not influence Bella, because the slots at that time were in a semi-legal position. Bally became the industry leader, and its slot machines quickly filled the bars, shops and cinemas of big cities. Soon after, they attracted the attention of the authorities and were declared illegal. Bell did not want to lose fabulous profits and continued to produce slots, styling them for vending machines for chewing gum. People continued to play for money, despite all prohibitions. Later, the conflict with the law was resolved through the conclusion of an agreement on the use of automatic machines exclusively within the casino.

Gambling slots in Las Vegas

“One-armed bandits” first appeared in the casino in 1940. Primitive from a mechanical point of view, fairly simple to operate, they attracted little attention to regulars from the gambling zone of Las Vegas, who prefer tables with card games and roulette. But even this fact did not make owners of gambling houses refuse to use slot machines and they did not lose. With the advent of the company “International Game Technology”, which used microprocessors in the produced machines, the slots got a new life – color images, music accompaniment and other pleasant “trivia”. A new round of the evolution of automata has come, and in time have been invented – multi-line bets, bonus rounds, double games, accumulative jackpots. These machines provided a real flow of superprofits and already in the beginning of the 80th they were ready to bring Nevada institutions a greater income than gambling tables – about 65% of all profits.

Modern casino games

Despite the huge popularity and relevance of the machine, they are still banned in many US states. This is because the legislative regulation of gambling in the United States is in the competence of the authorities of each of their states. Therefore it is quite natural that with the advent of the Internet and its wide distribution slots moved to virtual space. There are no restrictions, and even there is an opportunity to test the machines online, for free without registering on the resource. In turn, companies engaged in the production of software, have mastered the gambling industry, giving fans of excitement a huge variety of different slots. They are characterized by great functionality, great design and are available at any time not only to Americans. Adapted creations of the leaders of the US entertainment industry can be tested by visiting the game club of grinkazino – an inexhaustible source of good mood and big prizes.

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