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Gambling slots in Italy

The history of development and formation of gambling entertainment, including slots, in Italy is closely intertwined and inextricably linked with political events in the life of the country. The change in the political course has always somehow affected the gambling industry, making it the main source of replenishment of the treasury, then banned immoral entertainment. These fluctuations strongly influenced the Italian gambling, making them much less progressive of their counterparts, a native of the United States.

The first Italian casino

The first Italian casino for money appeared in Venice in the distant 1612. It was called “Ridotto” and was very popular with locals for a century. Over time, this time the game club acquired a dubious reputation and was closed. It was possible to resume its work only in the 19th century, when the entire territory of Italy could be freely played in the casino. Then the gambling industry flourished and it seemed that it would always be so.

The turning point is gambling under the ban

After the First World War, the Italian ideology changed, and a course was taken to raise the moral foundations of society. It is clear that the policy of “cleanliness of morals” did not fit in with the numerous, and most importantly, accessible gambling entertainment, allowing for a casino to win a whole fortune without difficulty. This is the only way to explain the closure of 59 gambling establishments in Italy in 1919. And in 1923 they were completely banned, and this is when the Americans already had the opportunity to enjoy mechanical “one-armed bandits”.

Italian game club in the service of state interests

Benito Mussolini realized that gambling establishments should be used in the public interest. He decided that with their help you can quickly replenish the treasury that was empty after the war and was not mistaken. Opening a gambling club in San Remo, a city through which passes the road to Monte Carlo, Mussolini was able to intercept the inclined tourists to the excitement. Their money, deposited in the treasury, has become a stable source of profit for the state for many years to come. Later, the same institutions were opened in Venice and Companion. Even now, the Italian infrastructure of gambling houses brings tangible benefits, bringing in income from the rates of people going to play in the most popular casinos in France, Switzerland and Slovenia. But the most interesting thing is that the state does not intend to refuse a monopoly on gambling – it imposed a ban on the opening of new institutions, not permitting the installation of even the most beloved slots, which at one time demanded the power of Sicily and San Marino.

Slots – where to play in Italy?

Considering the policy pursued by the Italian government for years with respect to gambling, an industry capable of making gambling machines has never been created. Slots are still only available in casinos owned by municipalities. Also you can try online slot machines, visiting specialized resources, akin to greencasino. And in the virtual world, players get the opportunity not only to make real bets, hoping for a cash prize, but also to test slot machines absolutely free of charge without registering on the site.

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