Garage slot machine for money

Garage slot machine for free

Welcome to the fascinating and exciting world of Garage – the famous slot machine! No, you did not misinterpret. Now Garage is not only a favorite place for all the men of the world for an entertaining pastime in the company of its mechanical friend. The slot machine Garage is an interesting slot game, the theme of which completely coincides with its name.

The essence of the game

Garage slot machine for freeThe first thing that will fall on the eyes of all those who decided to try themselves in this slot will be the image of the mechanic, who was stretched out at the bottom of the screen with a bottle of beer in his hand. And this, perhaps, can characterize the whole essence of the game as a whole. Nothing new is waiting for you here. All the same favorite cans with oil, automobile candles, wrenches and machine batteries. With the help of these familiar to all representatives of the stronger sex, not by hearsay, game-symbol tools, the player has to fix his iron horse.

Where to begin

The Garage slot machine does not have a special interface complexity, so it’s not difficult for anyone who already dealt with slot games to understand it, and the newcomer who is perfect in this matter. But still here is a little instruction, where to start:

To begin with, it would be nice to open this slot machine in a new contribution. The next step is to select the number of lines of activity, i.e. the value of the bet, and press “start”. That’s all – you’re in the game! Next is the matter of technology: experiment with the value of the stake, participate in bonus games and win! Nothing complicated, right?

Bonus Games

Garage slot“More – less”, “lock and key”, “box with tools” – here is a list of the basic bonus games of the slot machine Garage. In one of them you can take part after any successful twist and significantly increase the amount of the last win by correctly guessing a card with a larger denomination than the opponent. And especially lucky people can make a good fortune, even if the initial rate was scanty.

In the other, it will be necessary to have three or more locks on the player’s screen, and then he will have to guess which box contains the key that can unlock the next lock and add a couple of hundred or thousands of points to the win amount. Each bonus game is unique and interesting, and can bring quite a decent income. The main thing is not to give up.

The slot machine Garage is very easy to manage and genius in its idea. Earn on repairing a car – your favorite male occupation – without leaving home? What could be better? The creators of this slot game, of course, deserve applause.

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