How are casino promos promoted?

How are casino promos promoted?

Because of the high competition in the gambling business, the casinos are forced to constantly organize various promo-events and draws that attract new customers, and also support interest in this institution from regular players. But, despite the fact that most casinos offer free bonus money or points, not all casino visitors are satisfied with the shares held, therefore some of them can cause the outflow of users from the gambling establishment.

In some cases, especially for large stocks, a casino can attract more employees and spend more money. There may be situations when the task has not been fully worked out, which leads to confusion and problems with financing. Naturally, such situations can occur when the stock is not fully worked out, so it will not bring the expected result. This article will tell you about the main aspects that you need to pay attention to when making a promotion in a real and virtual casino.

The target audience

Before planning any action it is necessary to determine the target audience, that is, with a group of players, on which this stock will be calculated. First and foremost, it is important to understand for what purposes you are carrying out this action, it is designed to change the image of the institution, attract new customers or to keep regular customers as long as possible with your gambling establishment. Therefore, it is important to determine which group of customers the stock is oriented to, otherwise, it will not bring success.

According to a certain theory, all casino visitors are conditionally divided into five groups. The theory is based on the goals pursued by casino visitors. These groups include the following users:
– players who play the result;

– players who are looking for the best deals;

– players who need communication;

– players who escape from real life;

– players who value respect.

This division gives an opportunity to better understand the psychology of clients, which will allow to develop an effective share.

Clients who value respect usually stay in that institution for a long time, where, in their opinion, they are loved and appreciated. Usually, it is pleasant to such players when the administration of an establishment pays attention to them, names by name, and also they receive a personal notice from the manager about various promotional offers. This type of player takes pleasure in recognizing them and recognizing them. Such players can become the most loyal customers, if you give them enough attention. In addition, such clients will take part in all the promotions, they will not be very upset about the losses, and will also delight in every win. These are the most promising clients of any institution.

Clients who escape from real life, get to the casino in the hope of escaping from real problems. In the walls of the casino they do not want to talk about everyday problems and life troubles to interest such a client, he needs to offer a good game.

These customers are not interested in casino shares, they do not require attention and vice versa, they are happy when they do not get bored with unnecessary communication. They try at least for a while, but plunge into the atmosphere of excitement. A good service in the understanding of such clients is accurate and prompt service, as well as the absence of unnecessary inquiries. Such type of players is characterized by the fact that they can visit different casinos, they are not the most loyal customers of the casino, but they do not require additional attention. Their advantage is that they will always be passionate about the game, and will not leave the casino with the first setbacks or major payments. Such customers are desirable for gambling establishments.

Customers who need communication usually visit the casino for the sake of simply killing time, talking to staff or other clients. They never think about the game they play, they play “small”. To such clients, the casino is a recreation center or a club of interests, where they know all the dealers, waiters, regular customers, as well as security guards and bartenders. Customers of this type can sit down to the tables on which the game is played. They can visit the casino daily, although they rarely lose large sums.

Customers who are looking for the best deals are visited by various casinos. The main criterion for them is the profitability of the shares, which the casino is currently offering. Such customers will subscribe to all the shares, monitor all updates, in general, take part wherever you can get something for free. After the stock is over in one institution, they will immediately move to another, where the most profitable stock will be offered. On such clients it is practically impossible to earn. The peculiarity of such clients is that they can be scandalous and problematic, it is better not to deal with such clients, since they will have to be spent on them more than to get profits.

Customers who play the result are a group of players who either seek to become professional players, or they are. They are characterized by the fact that they can use the errors of the croupier for their own purposes, they can control the dice roll to craps, or they can count cards in blackjack. They do not play at unprofitable rules and do not make rash bets.

The peculiarity of these customers is that they are in the long game segment, although they can lose on a single day. It is common for such players to join groups during the draws, as they understand that they have more chances to get a prize or a part of it. In some situations, casino administration may erroneously encourage such players to enjoy certain privileges, in the form of bonus cards. Such rash administrative steps help professionals to benefit from the casino.

The real purpose of the promotion

It is best to set the task in such a way that the promotion is useless for the players who play the result and the players who are looking for a profit. The fact is that working with other groups of players is much easier. However, if you do everything right, you can not only interest the players of all groups, but also make players of the most dangerous groups for the casino abandon their principles, and take part in the action as ordinary players.

Preparing a promotion will take a lot of effort and time, as it should be thought through to the smallest detail. In addition, it is necessary to calculate all the tricks that players who play on the result and seek profit can resort to. It is necessary to provide for all situations, so that all customers are equal, otherwise, this can lead not only to the failure of the entire promotion, but also to serious financial losses. It is best to model different situations to present yourself at the site of each player of a specific group, this will allow you to better understand the actions of clients, therefore, it is better to prepare a promotion.

Share price

The costs associated with the share need careful planning. Basically, the management of the casino will require the estimate of promo-actions in advance, therefore it is necessary to take into account all the main, as well as side costs associated with its conduct. It is important to take into account every detail, as one, even a minor defect, can eclipse the whole success of planning a promo-campaign, and it will turn from a successful one into a torn one.

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