How often are casino dealers wrong and why

How often are casino dealers wrong and why

To find the most suitable place to play in the casino you need to learn how often and why the blackjack dealers are mistaken.

If the dealer fails, the player has the opportunity to increase the chances of catching the dealer on an error. Here are a few examples of how and when the probability of error is higher:

– play first the change of the dealer. In this case, he has not yet adjusted to the working mood and thinks about something else, so the probability of error increases;

– play at the end of the change of the dealer. This is the opposite case and the croupier will be already tired after a long shift and his attention will decrease;

– Play with a new deck. If the cards are plastic, the new deck will be very slippery and some beginners find it difficult to cope with such a deck.

– play with an old deck. This is appropriate if the cards are cardboard and after a long game they begin to stick together. In this case, the croupier will try to monitor the cards more than the course of the game itself.

– Increase the pace of the game. If you play one-on-one, you can increase the speed of distribution. But try to ensure that the high speed of the game does not affect your quality, so that you do not lose the distribution from attention at high speed games.

Sometimes even a stuffy casino can distract the dealer from the card account. There are other factors (even weather) that affect the health of the croupier. The player can distract the dealer from the account by creating uncomfortable conditions for him. You can ask him questions so that he pondered or began to consider very different data. For example, ask him how much you will win if you make a non-standard bet on boxing. But do not ask too many questions so that you are not suspected that you are specifically distracting the dealer from the game.

Some players bet on boxing from chips of different denominations, while the smallest denomination is on top. Then the dealer will not consider it too high and subconsciously will give you a win over other boxes. You can also dial from different chips to complicate the dealer account winnings.

There is a trick at 12 points on the box. But it works, if you have more than three cards form this amount. Ask the dealer to give you a ten as a joke, and when the dozen and really fall out, he might think that you have 21. You can use this method for any amount on a large number of cards: just ask for a card that will bring you 22 points , And the dealer can make a mistake and think that you wait exactly 21 and pay the loss without recounting the amount.

Another psychological trick is a joyful smile. Even if you lose, but happily smiled at the dealer or screamed, he can pay you a win only based on your behavior. Sometimes this technique works even with an experienced dealer purely psychologically. Therefore, pay attention not to how your behavior affects the distribution of the dealer.

Some players can specifically irritate the dealer and distract him from the game with the smell of tobacco or even garlic, with this approach, some girl dealers will rather end the game with your box that many can wrap in their favor.

One of the crochet’s mistakes is a forgotten cut after cutting the deck. Sometimes it stays outside the shoe, but do not talk about it to the dealer. Sometimes he distributes the entire pack to the end and then remembers that the cut is not inserted into the deck. This gives a great advantage to the players when counting cards.

The dealer may make mistakes when paying a certain amount of the bet. If you notice that he did it in your favor, then do not touch your bet. Perhaps, with the next payment, he again makes a mistake, and you will get more than you should. This method players can use not only in blackjack, but also in other games. Even in roulette, when the dealer can constantly incorrectly pay the bet, when it stays in its place when you win.

Nevertheless, do not be too zealous to provoke the dealer on the mistake. This can attract unnecessary snooping and impair your reputation in the casino. After such an assessment from the side of the institution, you will be put into the pair by the most experienced dealers. Observation of the table can be supported by the presence of a pit bull and the inspector’s extensive experiments at the table. You can use the dealer’s mistakes, but this should be a small part of the main strategy, not the style of the game. With the correct use of such situations, you can not lose the reputation of being in a winning situation.

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