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How the gambling in the world developed?

Today without the Internet one can not imagine a day. Here we search for information, communicate with people, work and have fun. The popularity of gambling on the Internet, which slowly replaced the real slots. Now people are increasingly sitting at the computer in an online casino, trying to break the jackpot.

Today online casino gambling is very popular. In the casino, everyone can run a slot, roulette, or play cards for money. He only needs to connect to the Internet, choose a playground and start the game. Everything is simple and clear, such entertainments are comfortable, interesting and winning. But in the absence of the Internet, these kinds of entertainment were somewhat different.

Modern gambling

Today, these entertainment is so much that we can choose the most interesting. At the same time, they smoothly move to the Internet. Opens a lot of casinos online, where you can find slots, roulette, cards. Eating is convenient at any time, good win percentage. In them you can play gambling games for free without registering what the Vulcan Casino offers. You can also run machine guns for money. All such entertainments have reached a new level, attracting people.

But how was it before? We offer a short excursion into the history of games.

First gambling

Back in 3000 BC. People paid attention to this type of entertainment. So, they were mentioned in epics, instructive stories were created. Especially popular this pastime was in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and India. In particular, in the Egyptian tombs archeologists found images of animals throwing bones. This allows us to say that in those days people were addicted to excitement.

The appearance of playing cards has two versions:

The first of these playing cards first appeared in India. They were round and had 8 suits. The deck had 96 cards. The principle of working with them was similar to the rules in chess.

According to the second version, it is believed that the cards were invented in China. They were first produced in 1119-1120. They had four suits, which denoted the seasons.
In Europe, the maps were mentioned in the XV century with the advent of the Roma. But some historians believe that the map was invented by the painter J. Grigorer for the French king.

The prototype of the roulette appeared in 1964 in France. It was invented by Fritz Police Gabriel Sartine. He wanted to create such a game of chance, in which fraud was not present. Later, roulette became incredibly popular.

Old slot machines were in demand around the world. Their prototype was created in England, and in 1905 Liberty Bell was released in the USA. It is after this, players begin to actively use one-armed bandits. They are installed in the casino, in entertainment venues, even just on the street.
Modern slots have replaced real devices and continue to gain popularity. Let’s see how it will be.

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