How to behave at the table?

How to behave at the table?

The most important rule of game etiquette is that a casino visitor has the right to sit down on a green cloth only when he is familiar with the rules of the game. If they are known badly, then you can learn at a special table for beginners.

Enter the game so that it does not interfere with other players, i.e. Waiting for the end of the round. At the same time, the place at the table is allowed to be taken already during the round: the visitor gets in to the participants and initially just watches the game, and when it comes time to bet, declares itself.

Bets are allowed in between rounds. Before the end of the round, the player should not touch his bets, not to mention other people’s chips. In addition, you need to learn not to do any unnecessary actions with your hands, which are easy to interpret ambiguously, especially when the person is surprisingly lucky.

First of all, the player should pay close attention to how he handles cards. For example, cards that are dealt face down are taken with only one hand. For violation of this rule, casino employees make a strict observation or even ask to leave the institution. When the cards are opened during distribution, they can not be touched at first, until the dealer gives permission to do so.

The casino client is obliged to keep hands with cards over the table during the whole game so that other participants, including the dealer, can well see his manipulations and have no opportunity to doubt the honesty of this player. Putting hands on their knees or hiding them in pockets is allowed only in breaks between batches.
The visitor of the gambling house should be restrained and laconic. Even if in life he is a sociable person, then within the “other world”, which is the game, it is worth forgetting about his talkativeness. You can not get a sincere conversation with other visitors and casino employees at the table, because it hinders everything. For nothing in the world should not be expressed aloud annoyance, delight. Of course, swearing the player is also prohibited.

Rare conversations at the table should not concern the question of what was the surrender (bad or good) or how the roulette wheel rotates (crooked or even). About such moments can always be discussed in the company of friends, but not in the club for elite entertainment. A brief exchange of phrases is allowed in which the player can notice that he is lucky today (unlucky), etc. These comments should be reserved until the end of the stake, the round, the game, the game, and so on.

It is doubly dangerous to give advice to other players, even if they are certainly useful. In a casino, this is regarded as a sign of disrespect, so this kindness is often simply removed from the gambling house. Obviously, you can not ask yourself how to go and what to put on better yourself. First of all, it is forbidden to apply for advice to the croupier.

The player is required to make decisions competently and at the same time quickly enough, because unnecessarily slow and unreasonable moves make the game uninteresting for other players and delay them. However, there is also no need to hurry, even when the decision is made lightning fast. To go it is necessary so that to show the stoicness and self-confidence as otherwise other players will not be in time behind it and become nervous.

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