How to play Sic Bo?

How to play Sic Bo?

Dice playing is the most ancient gambling game. This name was obtained due to the fact that for the game in those days used special bones of livestock or animals. The historical preconditions for playing dice became famous in ancient times, fortune telling with the use of animal bones. Bones are still being used to predict the future, to guess the events of the past or to seek a way out of the impasse or difficult situations of life. Later, they began to put money on various versions of bone loss.

Before becoming standard for us cubes with faces and numbers they had the most diverse kind: pyramids, balls, plates or nuts. The popularity of the game of dice betrayed a unique combination of options for the rules, high speed of determining the winner and the main important role of luck in the game. The simplest cubes were the cause of the ruin of people, the achievement of great riches, the destruction of empires, or could take away human life and freedom.

A popular kind of game for money with bones is Sic Bo game. Many believe that it originates from China, but it is very similar to the ancient game of Grand Hazard, which has been known since the 13th century in European countries. Then interest in the game began to manifest first in southeast Asia, then in the United States and Europe. Today it enters the Russian market and also becomes a popular game among gambling people.
Special rules of the game are attracted to the ranks of its fans, both prudent participants, and gambling amateurs who believe in luck. During the game in Sic Bo apply standard cubes with six sides, each of which is numbered. A special test for dice cubes is summing the numbers on opposite sides, as a result of this action, seven should always be obtained. The process of the game is very simple and is divided into several stages, which follow in the strict order.

1. Players make their bets on a special field using chips.

2. The dealer closes the reception of bets, which should inform the participants at the table.

3. The dealer turns on the device, and then, opening the popper, shows everyone the numbers on the three dice for the game.

4. The dealer removes the chips that did not win this round in favor of the casino and makes payments on the winnings, after that the entire chain of actions is repeated again from the moment of accepting bets.
At the beginning of the game, the participants put any sums on different combinations, which can fall on the dice, and then throw all three bones for the game. The amount of bets can be any, within the minimum and maximum of the table. Each player chooses how much and what combination to put. All data on bet limits and the combinations themselves are indicated on a special tablet on the gaming table. The dealer rolls the dice using a special tool – popper, and the participants move their chips to those sectors of the playground that are considered winning. Bones in the popper inside the special dome take off upward due to the supply of electrical impulses. In Sic Bo, any number of people who put chips independently of each other can take part.

Consider the possible options for betting in Sic Bo:
– One number. If there is a number from one to six on the face of the dropped bone, which you have chosen, the dealer will pay you a sum similar to your bet, that is, a one-to-one payment. If you have two identical bones with the chosen number, then the winnings will be twice as large. And if you bet on all bones, the payout will be one to twelve;
– Domino (Domino). In this case, the winnings are paid if two different numbers that you have chosen on the field have fallen out. Winning “domino” bets are paid 6: 1 of the original amount.

– Specific double (“specific double”). The player makes his bet on the fact that a certain number will fall on two bones, for example, you can put on the fact that now on two bones out of three will drop the number five. And if the player really guesses, then his winnings will be 11: 1 of the original amount. And if, at such a rate, the treasured “five” will be opened by the dealer on all three bones, the player will receive a payout of 30: 1.
– Specific triple (“specific triplet”). A triplet is the loss of three identical figures on the faces. The player wins if the selected number drops out simultaneously on three bones, then the payout amount is calculated 180: 1.
– Any triple (any triplet). This bet wins, as in the previous case, when three numbers fall (three units, three deuces, etc.), but you do not need to choose a number. The player receives a payout when any three identical figures fall on the edges of the bones and are paid out 31: 1.
– Big / small. In the implementation of this bet, the player has two options: a “large” amount of the number on the faces of all three cubes from eleven to sixteen or “small” – from four to ten points.

To win, you need to bet on the selected range and that the amount on all bones is in it. The win is 1: 1, but the player loses his bet when any triplet falls.

– Total (amount). When the bones fall, the dealer counts the sum of the dropped numbers and declares the winners who correctly guessed it. The total amount may fall a limited number, but rather from 4 to 17. Accordingly, each player can bet on any of the numbers in this range, inclusive. The amount of the winnings depends on the amount that the player has placed. Consider the payout relationships in the table:

Bet Win
4 or 17 62: 1
5 or 16 31: 1
5 or 15 18: 1
7 or 14 12: 1
8 or 13 8: 1
9 or 12 7: 1
10 or 11 6: 1

In each round, a participant can bet absolutely on any kind of bet or combine several options. Let’s say that you can bet on the number three, for a given double (for example, fours) and for some amount of points on the faces of the cubes.

The online rules of the game in Sic Bo are absolutely identical to those presented in the article. Popper produces numbers on the bones due to a random number generator. The dealer in such a casino is replaced by a specially created program. For the convenience of online game participants, the interface is presented with the usual field for the game, so that it’s easier to choose the type of bet and monitor the winnings. To start the game in the online version of Sic Bo it is enough to have a stationary computer, a laptop (tablet, PDA, etc.) with access to the Internet. For greater security, you should choose those online casinos, which use a special control of honesty using the MD5 algorithm, which is a guarantee of loss of values ​​on dice by pure chance. The standard generator, as a rule, is based on the system time and really calculate the most probable sum or combination of numbers.

The strategies for playing Sic Bo are based on the mathematical statistics of the loss of various combinations of numbers and on the standard pattern. Suppose that the sum 4 is obtained by a single combination of numbers on faces 1: 1: 2, but for dropping 5 there are two variants of dropping 1: 1: 3 and 2: 2: 1, so it can fall out more often. If you do not want to go through the options and spend time on the calculations, it’s enough to remember a simple rule: the higher the payout at the rate, the less it drops out.

In Sik Bo many play for good luck, however, as in most casino games. And as it is not surprising, a person who believes in his luck actually wins more than others. Such an unusual phenomenon tried to study and explain many theories: theological (blessing of gods), esoteric (contact with subtle matter, etc.) or natural science (psychology or cheating). Particularly attentive players can apply the winning technique when playing roulette, for example martingale – raising the bet amount for each new loss due to the fact that the probability of winning increases in the static probability. Or apply a multiple betting strategy to different combinations. However, the best players always use independently developed methods of the game and do not open their secrets. Therefore, when playing dice, still follow the usual theory of probability and do not stop believing in luck.


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