How to tip in a casino

How to tip in a casino

The monthly income of each representative of the casino personnel directly in contact with clients depends to some extent on the tip (unless, of course, the institution uses the rigid practice of prohibiting employees from paying bonuses). They are received not only by the croupier, but also pit bosses, operators of slot machines, waitresses, barmen, cashiers and even sometimes guards.

In fact, it is not uncommon for a tip to be the main reason that a person continues to work in a casino, tolerating numerous shortcomings in his profession. Therefore, if you had a pleasant time (especially if you were able to win at the same time), do not hesitate to thank everyone who helped you to have fun.
We will tell you how it is customary to do this not only in domestic but also in foreign casinos, as many readers of travel abroad, where they have the opportunity to visit gambling establishments.

I must say, there is no single rule how to give a tip. And no one can make you part with money that way. But if you want to impress a decent person and leave pleasant memories about yourself, it’s better not to be stingy.

So, let’s understand when, who and how to thank the tips in decent casinos (hope, in others you do not go). Stop on the reward to the hotel staff, in which you could stop, we will not. This is not a separate topic for the portal, which specializes in gambling. Let’s go directly to the casino.

Tipping at gaming tables

The most common tip is for dealers at gaming tables. They can be given after a successful drawing (you have the right to determine the amount on your own) or to make an additional bet, which the dealer will gain (if such practice is allowed in the institution).

We recommend in advance to try to clarify with the dealer whether the staff receives a tip. It is possible that all the money goes to the cashier’s casino, so there is no point in throwing money away. If this is important for you, also find out whether these funds are shared by the whole staff or go to the person who deserves it. But be prepared for the fact that you will not be willing to provide such information.

Remember that the tip is the lot of people who play solely for the sake of entertainment. If, for example, you have learned the basic strategy of playing blackjack and even trying to count cards to play for results, you should not tip at all, because that you negate all efforts to overcome the mathematical advantage of the casino.

On the other hand, card counters know that people like them do not expect a tip, so they sometimes deliberately give them to mislead the casino administration.

Do not even try to thank the croupier in blackjack for every successful rally. Within an hour, he can take up to a hundred hands, so you’ll go broke, even with great luck, if you constantly share with him.
On the roulette tablets can be given valuable chips or game chips. Here you can also bet in favor of the dealer, the payment of which, if successful, will be paid to him.

Stud-poker makes it easier. Have received a large combination – give a small amount, if you think it’s necessary.

Many casino customers give croupier chips when it changes, or when they leave.

Try to tip openly. Do not slip chips to the dealer secretly, trying to hide it from the eyes of the pit boss. This you compromise the dealer, and he may be suspected of fraudulent conspiracy or intent to commit theft. Money and chips can not be handed to casino employees from hand to hand. All operations must pass through the table in the field of view of the CCTV cameras.

Tipping in the hall

You can also thank tip-pit bosses and representatives of non-casino personnel at the casino. In the case of the first, it is better for them to also give chips on the table under the cameras. This rule usually does not apply to waitresses and other employees, but everything should be done before the eyes of the manager or another representative of the administration. Again, it should always be clarified, as it is customary to do in this institution.

Operators of gambling halls usually get a tip if the client wins big. It is also worth giving a few dollars, if you hold a video slot for you, while you are away on business.

Cashiers something “falls” from customers, when those after a successful game change chips for money. It is interesting that many players who consider dealers as almost their personal enemies willingly tip the cashiers, although they have not the slightest relation to their success.


It’s up to you to decide whether to thank the service staff for the work that he is doing. By and large, there is nothing wrong with dropping such practice altogether. When you play in a casino, the chances are not in your favor at first, and the croupier gets a salary from the money that the clients lose. In other words, when you visit a gambling establishment, you are already doing a favor to all the staff.

Moreover, do not think that a tip you buy the love of dealers. As a person who knows firsthand about all the intricacies of this work, I can assure you that the dealer can hate generous clients with all his heart, if they do not treat them with due respect.

Personally, I always give modest tips not only to the croupier, but also to waitresses and representatives of other professions in the service sector, even if I visit the institution for the first and last time. Although for me it is, rather, a sign of a good tone and a tribute to tradition, rather than a desire to like someone.


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