How to withdraw money from the casino

How to withdraw money from the casino?

It is not always easy to withdraw funds from online casinos. Some gamers do not fully understand the interface of the game, after which they have similar questions. In the online casino there is a link to the tabs “Cashier”, “Deposit”, “Withdrawals” and others, but there are services where there is no direct link to this tab.

Then the question arises, and how to withdraw money from the casino? To do this, go to your profile and visit the section with money transactions. There will be indicated the amount that you entered into the casino and the one that you won. This amount can be withdrawn. But there are some nuances that do not allow it.

A gamer may be denied payment of a prize for several reasons:

The minimum amount for withdrawal is not collected. In some casinos, it is $ 20. If your account is $ 19, then you can not withdraw them. We need to continue the game and accumulate the appropriate amount.
When you first withdraw funds, the site requires you to send a scanned image of your passport. Perhaps you sent a scan that is difficult to parse. Send it again, but all the data on it should be easy to read.

You did not win back all the bonuses. If you ask how to withdraw money from the Vulcan Casino, you will find out that this is one of the main reasons why money is not paid there. Usually gamers are informed about this, but you can consult on this issue and in the support service.

On how to withdraw money from the Admiral Casino, you can find out on the service itself. But you should pay attention to the fact that if you are in this casino withdraw funds not to a bank card, but to an account, the commission can be more than 10%. If you have less money on your casino account, you can not withdraw money.
Do not cheat online casino. If the fraud is detected, your account will be blocked.

About how to withdraw money from the online casino is better to be interested in advance, because some services do not withdraw money to a plastic card. The most convenient way to withdraw funds are electronic payment systems – “WebMoney” or “Kiwi”. But if you later cash your money, then you will have to pay a commission to these systems.

It happens that the passport data is out of date. Then how to withdraw money from the online casino, you have to talk with the support team. You will need to send them a legible scanned copy of the new passport.

It should also be remembered that the withdrawal of funds from the online casino can be from several hours to several days. All this is written in the conditions of using the service. If these terms are violated, then you should contact the support service of the site.

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