Interesting casino robberies

Interesting casino robberies

Modern cinema offers viewers a huge number of films, which tell stories about the robbery of the casino. After watching these pictures, the audience involuntarily desires to break the jackpot and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. But, nevertheless, let’s return to the realities of reality, and consider the real history of the robbery of the casino, as well as what these stories ended.

The largest amount of money that the robbers took over was $ 32 million. The case occurred in Australia, where a team of people who were called “Ocean’s 11 friends” could steal a local casino for such a fantastic amount. Attackers managed to seize such a large sum due to the fact that in their business they used technical innovations that enabled them to connect seamlessly to the casino video surveillance system, which enabled them to pass on information to their accomplice who was behind one of the casino gaming tables. Since the CCTV cameras were in the VIP zone of the casino, the criminals could see the cards of the players, thereby providing a win to their partner. These facts were established by the Australian police, which zealously undertook the investigation of this incident. Police believe that the attackers have long left the territory of Australia, and they did it with complete impunity. Naturally, such cases go down in history, as not every day criminals manage to seize such a large sum with impunity.

If we talk about the most interesting cases of casino robbery, the case described above is the most noteworthy, since all other attempts to rob a casino can be attributed to robbery attacks, during which criminals with might and main used weapons. An example of the simple-mindedness of criminals is the case that happened with Anthony Carleau. This man several years ago robbed the Bellagio casino. The amount of chips, which the attacker managed to seize, was equal to one and a half million dollars. Carefully planned operation went well, the offender managed to escape with casino chips. But, nevertheless, his boast failed. Carleau has managed to boast of his exploits on the Internet, of course, almost immediately he was detained by the police. This is not the end of the story. According to the police, the robber was the son of one of the judges of Las Vegas, in addition, a young man was filmed in the casino after robbery, when he was trying to sell chips worth $ 25,000. According to the detainee himself, on the crime he was pushed by the phrase of one of the croupiers who said that to get a win in the casino, it is enough to have a black mask and a pistol, and not sit for hours at a gambling table.

On the example of two stories, we wanted to show the contrast between the actions of criminals. In the first case, the police even thoroughly failed to study the details of the robbery, so everything was artfully and cunningly planned and implemented. In the second case, the offender behaved so silly and imprudent that his capture was a matter of time. Therefore, we want to emphasize a few points that are present in the real life of any casino. Perhaps, these moments will cool the gusts of many who think that it is very easy to rob a casino.

The casino is an organization whose entire activity is aimed at obtaining a win. Therefore, even if you plan the most ingenious robbery, then to real money you still can not get, because the cashier is under reliable protection.

Do not think that all the events that are shown on TV screens can be repeated in real life. Think, if this movie was seen by you, then the casino owners saw it, so they already took care to protect their institution from fraudulent actions in ways that were shown on the television screen.

Do not talk about your plans on the network, all information of this kind is carefully monitored there, and those who disseminate it immediately take note of the relevant authorities.

If you really want to beat the casino, it’s better to arm yourself not with a gun and a mask, but with textbooks and theories, from them you will be much more than a pro.

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