Keks slot machine for money

Keks slot machine for free

It’s about a free video slot, based on the storyline of which lies the Russian folk tale Kolobok (the company Igrosoft, creating a slot machine, just called the protagonist Kexom). Images on the drums, which are only five with nine playing lines, are items from the Russian fairy tale: accordion, rolling pin, bunch of sheep, samovar, balalaika, stupa, Russian stove, black cat and Cake-Kolobok. In addition to these symbols, there is also Grandmother, who will bake and look for Kolobok in the stoves. From this, the Keks slot machine is often called the “Grandmother’s Stove”.

Rules of standard game

Play Keks slot machineThe rules of the game are quite simple: first you need to install active lines and make a certain bet on each. If the game is free, then the lowest rate will be 1 credit, and the highest one – 100. If the game is for money, then the bet limits are assigned to the online casino.

Winning of the bet occurs if three identical symbols appear in succession along a single line from the beginning or from the end of the series. A fruitcake is a wild symbol and can replace any other than a black cat and stove. The bonus symbol is the Russian stove. Black cat increases your income several times: for three consecutive symbols you will get 200 bonus rates, for four – 1000, for five – 5000 bets.

Bonus Game

In the Keks slot machine, the bonus game takes place in two stages. In order to get to the first, you need to get three consecutive symbols of the stove. In the additional window will appear from three to five ovens, they need to be opened in turn. If you find food in the stove, you also get loans for it. If smoke comes from the stove, it will mean a loss. Winning you will wait in case of the discovery of Cake. If you have opened all the stoves, but none had smoke or cake, the bonus game automatically goes into the second round. You need to go to the forest and find in the bushes Kolobok. However, if instead of him you find the Gray Wolf – the game is lost for you. If you find the main character, you win a super bonus. But that is not all.

Risk game

Keks slot machine for freeActually, on the bonus game and you can pick up your winnings. But you can also double your bets by clicking on the Double button and playing a risk game. In it you need to choose one of the four cards so that it is “older” than the card chosen by the dealer. The right choice doubles your winnings. In case of wrong choice, you can refuse the risk-game, take money and go back to the standard game.

The Keks slot machine can be easily found on the net and play for free. But in order to play for money, you need to register with an online casino and make a deposit.

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