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Learning to play mahjong solo

Mahjong can be called one of the most popular games in the world. It exists in several varieties and can take the form of a logical task, the playing of two opponents or gambling. In the latest version, mahjong is represented in modern online casinos operating on platforms of well-known brands (for example, Playtech, which named its model Solo Mahjong).

We will teach you how to play solo-mahjong. From this article you will get acquainted with the main provisions of the rules and learn the basic recommendations for the strategy.

General rules

At the beginning of the game you get fourteen knuckles with symbols of different types on them (about them a little later). Also in a separate window (on the wall) there are twenty-four knuckles laid out with pictures downwards so that it is impossible to see the suit.

The goal of the game is to choose one of your knuckles and find the same in the wall, using no more than three attempts.

In mahjong solo, you can reuse deferred knuckles. In the classic version of the game it is forbidden.

Types of knuckles

In mahjong are used knuckles of five suits. Three of them are digital, and two are alphabetic.

Digital suits are bars, points and points. Each of them has nine numbered knuckles with different pictures.
Alphabetic suits are winds and dragons. Winds consist of four knuckles corresponding to the northern (N), southern (S), east (E), and west (W) winds. Dragons will include three knuckles: red (R), green (G) and white (Wh) dragons.

In solo-mahjong can be offered (though not always) no more than four knuckles of the same denomination and dignity, although in the traditional version each suit has four copies.

Game combinations

In mahjong, there are different sets:
Kong – four knuckles of the same suit and denomination.
Pong – three knuckles of the same suit and denomination.
Chi – three knuckles of the same suit, and also necessarily a consecutive denomination.
The pair – two knuckles of the same suit and denomination.
They are paid in accordance with the established coefficients and can be combined.

Game process

In the traditional version, the player needs to score seven hundred points to defeat rivals. In solo-mahjong everything is simpler. You are given fourteen knuckles, and one knocks. Then start at random to open three positions in the wall. Payouts are calculated automatically.

In some varieties (for example, in Solo Mahjong Pro) you need to demolish one of your own knuckles. In this case, knowledge of the fundamentals of the strategy is required.

Tips for the game

As you understand in the usual Solo Mahjong nothing depends on you. It’s just an entertaining game of chance. In the Pro version of Playtech will have to connect brains to achieve the claimed return at nearly 98%.

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