Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular gambling game that has its roots in ancient times. The rules of the game have not changed significantly, but the principle in the modern world allows you to play with any person on Earth without leaving home. Real casinos in our country are banned, so they were replaced by virtual places for a quality game.

Gradually, the popularity of online casinos began to fall, because playing with a computer is not so interesting, without visual contact is not so felt the excitement, adrenaline. That’s why now it is often enough to play a game with a real dealer, which is designed to be even more interesting and closer to the sensations in a real casino. Live games allow you to see the cards, the dealer, sometimes even talk to him, which is a real pleasure for a gambler.

Live blackjack experts call intellectual gambling. Having become acquainted with the rules of the game, you will quickly realize that much in it depends not only on luck, but also on the player’s strategy, his experience and knowledge. Specialists can use what is in the game a real dealer and rely on their own skills.

Blackjack with live croupier

Experts argue that there are two ways to organize blackjack in an online institution with a live croupier. These methods do not assume the use of generating random numbers or any program on the computer. A real dealer distributes cards in real time, and a lot of web cameras take pictures for you in different angles. You can change camera angles, switch between cameras and get real pleasure from the picture in real time. For men, this is a special pleasure, because most often the croupier is a beautiful girl.

The dealer can, at your request, give out cards separately, which will allow him to plunge into the world of this blackjack. This is not possible in every casino, but it is often enough. An alternative way is to deal cards to several players at once, if the players bet on the same hand. There are some nuances in this game, but it’s not too different from classic blackjack.

Description of the game

Live blackjack is a traditional blackjack with classic rules. The essence of the game is to get more points than the dealer, but you do not need to exceed 21. The rates are allowed within 5-50 dollars. A special program determines the payment. For live blackjack payment 3: 2, with insurance is 2: 1. For side rates, other rates from $ 2 to $ 100 are defined. Players can be simultaneously up to 7 people.

To play live blackjack, you need 8 classic decks for 52 cards. The distribution of cards is made from a shuza. The dealer makes a shuffle and starts distributing. The dealer deals two cards, one of which is open and the other is closed. The set of cards stops on hard or soft 17. Players can double on any 2 cards, even if the split is caught. Split and re-split aces in this game are available. Boxes with aces get one card.

The process of the game does not significantly differ from the classical gambling. The player needs to start with the fact that he will bet and then get two cards. The decision to take further takes only the player. He can make a double, split, take more cards or not. If all players have already made their bets and moves, then the turn comes to the dealer. He turns over a closed card and picks up if he does not have 17 points. It pays the winning program on its own, and the dealer’s task is to voice the number of points and pass the cards on time.

If your Internet is unstable, then do not worry about the connection failure. In this case, the rates will not be lost. In the next game you can finish the game in a similar situation. You will receive on your hands those cards with which you were at the time of communication failure. This is very convenient and allows you not to worry about your own rates because of the unscrupulous work of the provider.

It is best to provide a continuous Internet connection at high speed. So you will get maximum pleasure, and your chances of winning the long-awaited win will increase several times. Constant transfers from one game to another will not benefit your concentration and your strategy. In the modern world, providers offer different packages of services, so this should not be a significant problem.


Life blackjack with a real croupier is thought through to the smallest detail. The player chooses the mode for display: you can use the classic or video mode. If the player decided to play with the classic display mode, then on the screen you can see the two parts of the panel.

In the center of the screen there will be a picture with the image of the dealer who works in the studio. A live dealer handles cards and voices points, but in fact you can easily turn off the broadcast. You can make a large image of the dealer or switch to video mode. Managing the process is very simple – you point at the picture and three buttons are displayed. The left panel contains information about the bet, the history of hands, the winnings.

The right panel information. You can find out about bet limits, server time or game code here. From here you can go to a special chat and communicate with other players, the dealer. You can get the answer to your question verbally.

At the bottom you can watch the table. This is the normal display mode. The game of live blackjack assumes that it is in this part that bets are made. Here, chips, rates and other information.
Next you can see the cashier window, the menu and the text box. After the bet you have the opportunity to manage the game process.

Video mode is a picture with a dealer, or rather a video stream, on top of which the main windows with useful information about the game and for managing the game are superimposed. You can customize the game for you. Because the settings section provides many options and options.

Where can I find the game?

Now the game is quite common in online casinos, so those who wish can easily try their skills and skills. It is best to pre-install the software developer to get the opportunity to play with pleasure and without failures. It is better to get acquainted with the requirements for equipment for playing with live croupiers.

The best and largest casinos have already equipped such live rooms that allow you to touch the game, feel the atmosphere, excitement, find the perfect remedy for fatigue and relax at any moment. Players who like blackjack, just have to try their hand in this version of it.


Live blackjack is a game that allows you to show your intellect, and not just to try your luck. This is an opportunity to play not with a random number generator, but monitor the game in real time. This is an exciting and interesting game. Communication with the dealer is sometimes online, and sometimes – via chat. Show your own skill in the account of cards, etc. It will not work, but the atmosphere will surprise you. It is worth counting on the honesty of the institution. A lot of small cameras allow you to monitor the process of the game, putting cards, so you can convict scammers. The casino does not allow any fraud, so traditionally the game goes to the open. At any time you can change the angle and make sure of it. The image of online casino means a lot, so no one risks cheating.

The video is shot in real time in a special room. Traditionally, these are friendly and beautiful girls who politely smile and perform their duties professionally. The room in which the shooting takes place is equipped with high quality and executed in a refined style. You get everything to spend time not just well, but efficiently, efficiently and with pleasure!

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