Live casino

Live casino

In modern conditions, the casino has become a virtual world that allows you to get true pleasure from a good game. For many sophisticated players, the usual online casinos seem “soulless” and create a sense of unreality of what is happening, instill doubts in honesty. Innovative technologies of casino lifestyles recreated the unique atmosphere of a live game. It is a live casino that allows you to play with a real dealer and remember the spirit of real gambling houses. After all, the entire gameplay: the rotation of the roulette drum, the ball rolls, the distribution of cards, here happen really, the real croupier.

What is a live casino?

Now there are many large online casinos that allow everyone to gamble with a live dealer. Live casino has become widespread. How it works? Online casinos have specially equipped rooms, where gaming tables and croupiers are located, there are many webcams with live video broadcast, allowing you to watch the game in real time. The dealer throws the ball on the spinning drum of the real roulette, or gives out cards, and you watch whether your bet will play or not. At your disposal are all the cameras of the game room. You independently move around them and look for the angle that you think is ideal.

For all the data on the dropped cards and numbers on the roulette table, special sensors are tracked, which are usually built right into the gaming tables and the roulette wheel. Data from the sensors are transmitted to the server and according to current rules and situations, processed by special software, to calculate your winnings. It’s a pleasure to play live games, because you do not have to keep an eye on your image, but you can connect to a real game, place bets and experience all the excitement of excitement!

Advantages of Live Casino

Like any casino, the casino in the “Life” mode has its own features and advantages. It is worth highlighting the main ones:

Honesty. You get a guarantee that the casino does not play against you, because at the same table there are a lot of players at the same time, the results are figures that dropped randomly, and not created by the random number generator. You can always see what is happening and not for a moment distract from what is happening;
The ability to concentrate. In a real institution it’s difficult to keep your attention, because at the same time a lot of events occur, next to you there is a lot of people. Virtual game will allow you not to be distracted, even given that the developers have done everything to create the atmosphere of this casino;
Smoothly moved to the next advantage – a pleasant atmosphere. It is important here not that the staff is polite to you, but also musical accompaniment, interior, etc .;
Your confidence. Many people feel more relaxed and confident in the online casino. The fact is that you do not need to monitor your words, gestures, views, you do not need to create and maintain an image. The task is greatly simplified, which makes you more confident in your own abilities;
Select a dealer. Almost always online croupiers are young and pretty girls. You choose with whom you will play, having previewed a photo or video presentation. In addition, at any time you can easily change the dealer;
Communication. In live casino games there is an online chat where you can share your opinion with other players, communicate with the dealer.


It is known that in the online casino the results of the drawings are given by the random number generator (RNG). There are many players who believe that RNG casinos are opposed to players and do not believe in honesty, issued values. In live-games, on the same table simultaneously participates a lot of players, all get the same results. Therefore, fraud is excluded.

Live Casino service is a costly business: you need equipment, a whole staff, their training, premises. Such costs can afford only large and well-known online institutions. They have been gaining their reputation for years, and will not engage in cheating in Live casinos for the sake of short-term profits.

Check for honesty Live Casino

At the same time, there are still incredulous players who doubt that the game is played in real time. How to check the honesty of a live casino? It’s easy to do, it’s enough to ask the dealer in a chat, to make you a sign – to smile, tilt your head, wave your hand. And to make sure of the identity of the results, you can go to the same game simultaneously from different computers.

In addition, behind the back of the dealer set the clock so that you can see that the game is in real time, or the TV (as in the screenshot below), you can set your TV on the same channel and monitor the synchronization of data transfer.

What games are available?

In modern casinos, live casino games are of course roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Caribbean poker, Sic Bo, Dragon and Tiger and others. Their peculiarity is that you are playing with a real dealer. Also, usually in a separate tab of the lobby, or on the site you can find for yourself and games in slots. Automata can be enjoyed in parallel with a live game. The atmosphere of the live game is very pleasant. It reminisces a real casino, but it does not get burdened with unnecessary sounds or people. You can in a few clicks to find the best live casino online games that will allow you to relax, win a decent amount of money and just enjoy a good evening and company. You can always play for real money or take advantage of free mode. The latter is even available without registration. In many casinos there is the possibility to play casino live for rubles or other currency (euro, dollars, etc).

For lovers of roulette, casino lifestyles provide maximum opportunities. “Wheel of Fortune” – the game is one of the most ancient and popular. The transition from a live version to a virtual version was not so successful at first, but with the development of technologies it was possible to organize a game with a live croupier in every house where there is a connection to the internet network, which is much more interesting.


We recommend that you play at Vulcan Casino. The design of this live online casino is cute and comfortable. The interface quickly allows you to find the desired function or game, go into your own room and change the settings. Everything becomes clear after a few minutes of staying on the site. The correct arrangement of cameras, convenient navigation – this is not all the advantages of the casino. The developers have tried to glory to create a really comfortable design, which will allow everyone to enjoy the game and not be distracted by trifles.

Casino online live at any time allows you to contact the support service, where qualified employees will help to quickly solve any problem.

Payment Methods

Usually, the casino in live mode, allows you to at least replenish the deposit by $ 5, and withdraw from 10 dollars. You can use the most popular payment systems: QiWi,, WebMoney, Neteller, Eutelle, Entropay, eKonto, Ukash, MasterCard, TeleIngreso, SpeedCard, Clic2Pay, Moneybookers, BankTransfer, Visa. You will quickly receive money into the account and will be able to start playing the best live casino games.


Reviews about live casino – the most different. There is always someone who will remain dissatisfied because of his own considerations. In fact, you will find a lot of reviews of satisfied customers, true professionals, who finally found the perfect place to play with a high rhythm. Another advantage that customers note is honesty. Live casino cheating does not stand! This applies to the game from the casino and players.


A modern casino with real croupiers is an intriguing and addictive game that is popular and practically has no flaws. You can play Live Roulette without leaving home. Fans of excitement must visit roulette with a real dealer, as only it allows you to fully feel the excitement that once was inherent in a real casino. An ideal place for beginners and professionals!

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