Live dealers in online casinos

Live dealers in online casinos

Online gambling is developing very rapidly. And not only in quantitative, but also in qualitative terms. Modern online casinos in all outperform those virtual institutions that worked in the worldwide network even ten years ago.

The games became more interesting, colorful and functional. The reliability of the safety of these customers has significantly increased. Deposits are accepted in a huge number of ways, and most of them can be used to withdraw money. Much more stable and fast became flash versions of casinos, which are now no less convenient than client programs. But still one of the main achievements of online casinos are games with live dealers, who have been offering all the largest establishments for some time.

Previously, almost the main disadvantage of playing on the Internet, most users called the absence of a specific atmosphere of this casino, thoroughly impregnated with the spirit of excitement. In addition, many customers lacked communication with the dealer, and many simply did not trust the random number generator.

Live dealers in the online casino partially or completely eliminate these shortcomings. As a rule, they work in special studios, where no real-mode game is played (although sometimes offline casinos are used for these purposes). It is the dealer’s responsibility to launch the ball or distribute cards. All other aspects of the game process are assigned to a computer program that determines the winners and makes payments.

The choice of games in which you can compete with a live dealer is rather limited. In fact, most often there are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and hold’em poker, adapted for use in casinos (the so-called casino hold’em). In brief, we will examine the most interesting features of the game with real croupiers in each of them.

Black Jack

When it came to the point that blackjack will soon appear in online casinos with live dealers, the first to happily rub their hands counters cards. They could not use their skills in games with a random number generator, because there all the packs are mixed before each hand. In blackjack with real croupiers, the cards played are demolished in a shuz, which, it would seem, allows you to keep score.

But in the administration of the casino are not the most stupid people, and they have secured themselves from such problems. In order to reduce the efficiency of the account to zero, they forced the dealers to cut them off in half a footstep. Under such conditions, it is practically impossible to determine the true account.

In addition, some other measures have been introduced, which further complicate the lives of counters. For example, dealers began to demolish several cards in the dark before taking a new draw of the deck.


The ability to communicate with partners on the table has always been an important component of baccarat. Until recently, it was considered a game of aristocrats, who gathered in expensive clubs, where they enjoyed their time. In ordinary online casino bakkara became available to everyone, but it is boring to play it alone.

Online baccarat with live dealers in this regard is much more fun. You can talk to the dealer, chat with other players, and think about making decisions in this game is nothing special.


In the author’s opinion, roulette with real croupiers is not much different from games with a random number generator. Yes, there are also more opportunities for communication, but the main charm of roulette is the active gameplay, when the client himself makes bets entering the rage. And in an online casino with live dealers, the game is slow enough, and there is not that adrenaline rush here when you see live the ball rolling around the wheels of the wheel. However, this is a matter of taste …

Casino Hold’em

This is a relatively new kind of poker for casinos in general, so it’s too early to talk about any traditions and compare varieties with RNG and live dealers. Let us decide for ourselves what is best.


Online games with live dealers are not a full replacement for a real casino, but they have many advantages for which millions of players like them.

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