Microgaming – the best slot machines and smart bonuses

microgaming casinoOne of the most authoritative developers of gaming applications for online casinos and poker rooms has long been the company Microgaming.

According to some sources, it is she who owns the first Internet casino in the world. At least that’s what the company says. However, even if this is not so, at the present time, soft from Microgaming is used in the most reliable casinos on the Internet.

The company is registered on the Isle of Man, which, in turn, is the Crown possession of Great Britain and, in combination, one of the largest offshore centers in Europe.

In a typical online casino using software from Microgaming, as a rule, there are at least 600 games. The level of trust to the company is so high that often it is enough to have one of its logo on the site of the institution, so that the player (especially this applies to foreign users) decided to register. Often, in such online casinos, you can meet and gambling machines from Gazgaming, which also amaze with their quality.

Recently, Microgaming had some problems related to non-payment of deposits to players closed online casinos. However, since the financial management belongs to a third-party organization, it is impossible to check the involvement of the software developer in this way.

Also at the disposal of Microgaming is one of the world’s largest networks of slots with progressive jack-sweat. In 2009, on one of the slot machines, a win was lost in 6 with a small million dollars, which became the largest amount won in the online casino.

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