One-armed bandit - where did the name of the slot machines go from

One-armed bandit – where did the name of the slot machines go from

Choosing game machines for free, many visitors of virtual gambling institutions call them “one-armed bandits.” This name was given to automata by visitors of the first land clubs and saloons, where old mechanical devices were presented. Resourceful users paid attention to the design of slot machines, where a special lever, outwardly resembling a hand, was used to start the reels. Therefore, the apparatus and began to call “one-armed”, but where did the word “bandit” come from?

From “one-armed bandits” to gaming devices free

If online gambling games without registration are launched on a computer, then to bring the drums of mechanical devices into rotation it was necessary to pull the lever. And the bandits called the first slots because of the following factor. So, in a fit of excitement, many club visitors are able to spend all available cash on bets, and eventually go bankrupt. And the old mechanical devices had a minimal percentage of payments, did not include free scrolls and bonus rounds, and no one knew the exact payout ratio. Therefore, the apparatus began to be called “gangsters” who take away money from honest citizens.

Now when choosing a simulator in a casino for free without registration, the user immediately sees what the payout ratio the selected device has. But a few decades ago people approached “one-armed bandits” at random, not suspecting whether they had any chance at all to win. Old mechanical devices were vulnerable, and sometimes their work could be intervened simply by tapping on the surface. But the “remake” machines were not only tried by users, but also by employees of bars and saloons, who benefited from such devices.

So, drums often had empty cells, because of which the formation of successful combinations was minimized, which undermined the users’ confidence in the unit. But the popularity of “one-armed bandits” because of this did not fall, and the owners of the slots received huge profits and came up with all the new designs of automatic machines for users. Often new symbols were pasted onto the drums, and if their sequence changed, successful combinations did not fall out at all.

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