Online Free Slots 777

Online Free Slots 777

Moving to the Internet space, the gambling industry develops rapidly. Popular online slot machines 777 copy devices from real casinos. Entertainment in the network has become attractive for several reasons:

Ability to use at any time of day.
Unlimited free mode operation.

Availability of demo versions without registration.

A variety of subjects (animals, sports, space, fruits and others).

Modern slots appeared not so long ago, but immediately won popularity among gamers.

How did the first 777 gaming machines appear?

At the end of the XIX century in Europe and America began to install shopping and entertainment machines, with the help of which entrepreneurs tried to activate the sale of small goods: sweets, cigarettes, cards and stamps. Designs were called slot machines due to the word “slot”, which denotes a hole for coins. The first gaming machines were designed for poker. In 1891, the inhabitants of Brooklyn, Pitt and Sittman invented a device for 50 cards with five drums. Remuneration to the owner of the best poker combination was issued by the employee of the institution. After a while, there were machines with a coin collector that fell asleep under the weight of their own weight. They often let their owners down – an undeserved gain fell out of the blow, and such designs quickly disappeared from circulation. In 1898 the first copy with the automated system of payments – “The Bell of Freedom” was released. The inventor Charles Fei is deservedly considered the father of gaming machines. By the beginning of the 20th century, the slots were in bars, bowling alleys, barbers and cigar shops. In 1912, the famous fruit machines came out in which images of cards replaced oranges, cherries, watermelons and the symbols “bar”. A new impulse in the development of gaming equipment arose with the advent of electromechanical and electronic samples. The levers are replaced with buttons, the constructions are equipped with illumination and musical and sound design. In the second half of the previous century, aggregates acquired video screens and microprocessors. Modern machines are high-tech systems that differ in the number of drums, lines, winning combinations.

What is the difference between the 777 and the other machines?

“Three Seven” – the legendary classic apparatus, which is the symbol of any real and virtual casino. They passed the test of time and did not lose their popularity in the 21st century due to high-quality animation performance and interesting story lines. The number of modern versions of 777 provides users with a wide selection of games that have maintained a user-friendly interface and simple rules. The main advantage is the incredible generosity of a smart machine that, when dropped out, can increase revenue thousands of times.

Why and where in the slot machines played candy?

At the beginning of the century as payments are often used chewing gum and sweets with fruit flavors, as in a number of states have legislatively prohibited gambling. To attract customers in some institutions, instead of sweet prizes, the winner received a beer or a free lunch. Later there was an unspoken rule, according to which edible prizes became possible to exchange for real money. Thus, the owners complied with the law, and the players were happy.

When did the first slot machines appear on the Internet?

The life of the Internet slots began in 1994 after an international agreement allowed the opening of clubs for online gambling. Special equipment and software were released, the first online casinos were opened. Visual simulators have excellent graphics and musical accompaniment. For those who are bored with amusement for free, the 777 has a game mode for money. He gives an opportunity not only to rest, but also to earn, without leaving a comfortable chair in front of the monitor.

Gaming machines 777 tired of playing for free?

Real denominations are not candy wrappers, which are received in demo versions, not illusory points and chips. Free of charge free slot machines 777 can not give bright emotions and exciting excitement of adrenaline, available on a paid platform.

Choose a reliable casino

Starting a journey in the world of video slots, it is worth developing and testing your own strategy and tactics on a free service. On the Internet, there are many fraudulent schemes, so you need to select a casino, in which dishonest manipulation is excluded. By what criteria are selected reliable partners for online games?

High popularity among experienced gamers.
Open site statistics.
Availability of bonuses to increase customer loyalty.
Work on platforms of world leaders of software.
24-hour support service.
Protection of personal data.
Start with small bets

Checking your strategy on paid platforms, it is worth starting with minimum rates, which can be increased, gradually delving into the subtleties of the game and gaining experience. Small bets are an opportunity to have fun without big expenses and get a small but stable income.

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