Progressive jackpot - the engine of excitement?

Progressive jackpot – the engine of excitement?

Did any of you play in the lottery? More precisely, it would be better to ask: did not anyone of you play the lottery? Since, I bet, everyone has tried at least once to catch luck at the tail in the hope of winning a huge sum of money. And buying a ticket from the distributor, everyone hoped that he would become the owner of the jackpot! Although, in Soviet times such a concept did not exist – it was common in the capitalist and bourgeois West. In the USSR, the main prize was either the Volga, or Zhiguli, or Zaporozhets. Vladimir Putin, as you know, got his first car (no, not Lada Kalina) humpbacked “Zaporozhets” precisely because of winning the lottery. Yes, in the country of the Soviets, big money did not bring happiness – it was impossible to buy what you wanted for them … Then there was a deficit and to buy something worthwhile, it was necessary either to stand in line or to tear abroad, or, at worst To travel to the countries of “developed socialism” – the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, where the choice of goods was not too wide.

The USSR collapsed, and with it the “Iron Curtain” also collapsed. The fundamental rejection of the whole of the West vanished and words and terms were gradually beginning to appear in the vocabulary of citizens, for which they would be expelled from the Party and the Komsomol in the Soviet Union (I exaggerate, of course). Including a term such as the “jackpot”.

What is a jackpot? This is the biggest gain in gambling, whether it’s a lottery, whether it’s a video poker, whether it’s a one-armed bandit. In the lottery, the jackpot will receive the person who guessed the winning combination of the numbers that were dropped, in the video poker the jackpot will be given to the owner of the combination of royal flash, in a one-armed gangster – when three sevens appear on the screen of the machine or three “Jackpot” inscriptions and so on. Most often, the property of the jackpot is its accumulation or progressiveness. This means that it is constantly increasing. Increases due to a small percentage of the players’ bets. Until the lucky guy puts it in his pocket. Then everything repeats – the jackpot gradually increases in proportion to the size of the made bets.

In general, this western word was first mentioned in a game like poker. Jackpot, the word that came to us from English, consists of two components: jack – jack, and pot – bank. Earlier in the process of distributing cards in poker in the absence of even one player holding a pair of jacks at a casino gambling casino, there was an increase in rates in the bank. To date, both in the “real” and in the online casino you can find a game such as Caribbean Poker (CaribbeanPoker), which provides additional rates for the jackpot. If you are lucky and you have a royal flash, then you will become the owner of progressive jackpot! To take part in the jackpot, you need to make an extra one dollar bets in a special slot, which is available in the poker table, before any hand. If you have a combination of royal flash, then the jackpot will be yours! If a straight flush falls, do not despair – you will be the owner of ten percent of the amount of the jackpot!

The mechanism of action of jackpots in online casinos

When playing in an online casino in this or that gambling, which boasts a progressive jackpot, you simply can not ignore the fact that the value of the jackpot online casino increases with an enviable regularity, and even in those moments in which you Did not make bets! The fact is that other players do something! That is, you can even say that players are filling the jackpot for each other! And, these players can be completely at different ends of our planet, and maybe in neighboring apartments. The main thing is that they play in the casino of the same producer and in one game. And the more players are involved in the game, the faster the jackpot will grow!

Providers and operators of online casinos

Today, in the modern gambling business, the largest providers and suppliers of software for online casinos are clearly outlined. This is the company Microgaming, and also its competitor Playtech. There are some other companies, but they are not yet very much represented in the segment of Russian-language online casinos. Interesting is the fact: say, the software from Microgaming uses almost one hundred online casinos, then the formation of a progressive jackpot will be (attention!) Every player who takes part in the gambling of these nearly 100-odd online casinos! You can imagine the size of the jackpots, which can be formed with the help of the almighty Internet! Plus, all these jackpots can not only be educated, but in fact reach the most incredible values!

How big is the jackpot in online casinos?

In fact, to what size can the jackpot grow in an online casino? The magnitude of the progressive jackpots of the online casino have the property of changing, ranging from a couple of tens of thousands, to several million dollars, euros, or even better pounds. In the entire history of the phenomenon such as online casinos, the biggest jackpot was won by a simple English worker. He added to his electronic wallet for much more, eight million dollars! Of course, it’s impossible not to admit that in the same Las Vegas, the jackpots are both weightier and more honorable (the record winnings amounted to almost forty million dollars – it was played in the MegaBucks slot machine). But it should be noted that in traditional casino the player risks to face a number of problems that are inevitable in these institutions. Among them you can call the envy of competitors who are ready to do anything to get big money for nothing, challenging the right to the jackpot, the grimaces of the casino personnel who will try their best to keep you playing longer. Therefore, the advantage of the online casino is a great anonymity – if the win happens, the jackpot will be exactly the one to whom he, in fact, is laid by the law, that is, the one who took it.

As I have already noted, in today’s time progressive jackpots can be played in the most diverse types of online casino gambling. At the same time, one must always remember that in online gambling, which can boast of progressive jackpots, the online casino increases the advantage over the players, and the stakes in similar games, as a rule, have to be made larger. It is for this reason, if you are determined to fight for the jackpot, you should arm yourself with a solid cash reserve, because on the way to the progressive jackpot you are going to spend a lot of money. What to do, progressive jackpots adore those players who like to take risks. And the game may well be worth the candle – the winnings can be such that you can change your life once and for all.

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