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Free Resident slot machine online

As a child, all the boys, looking at James Bond, dreamed of becoming the same as he. Complete extreme life, steep cars and crowds of charming beauties – is not this happiness? However, growing up, all of them, well, or almost all, have to give up their unrealizable dream. But today there is no need to do this, because it can be easily implemented! And the Resident slot machine will help in this: everyone who wants to try this slot game will plunge into the most fascinating spy world, where super-secret operations and intricate investigations are waiting for them at every step. In general, you are welcome.

Description of the machine

Play Resident slot machineThe slot machine Resident is a classic of slot-game genre: 5 reels, 9 lines and guaranteed win in case of three or more identical symbols in the series. The simplicity of the interface will not leave indifferent neither the beginner nor the “eaten the dog” on similar user machines, and the designer’s carefully thought out symbolism and the design executed in the best traditions of the spy world will easily make you immersed in this game with your head.


Undoubtedly, the symbols for this slot machine were selected with special attention. Gas masks and coins, pistols and shoulder straps, guns and medals are the best friends of those who decided to earn money on the slot machine Resident, because combinations of these items of espionage life will lead the player to such a desired enrichment.

Bonus Games

Resident slot machine for freeLike any slot machine, the Resident gaming machine has its “skeletons in the closet”, which will help its users to replenish their wallet with money much faster. All players are given the opportunity to multiply their winnings in bonus games: it is only necessary to collect on the reels three or more safes. They will send players to the first stage of the bonus game, where they will have to guess where the required item is.

Well, how can a superagent do without a sexy beauty partner? Having opened all the safes and never once stumbled upon a bomb, the player gets the right to try his luck in the super-game, where he has to find the agent Cat – just the aforementioned sexual partner.

Another way to increase your profits at times is risk-playing. Having made a successful twist, players get a chance to double their points, rightly choosing a card, by the value of the face value larger than that of the opponent (the dealer).

Is not it time to forget about all your vain business and to try your luck in this mysterious and mysterious espionage world?

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