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Slot machines in France

France is the first country in the world where people got the opportunity to play in the casino. Back in the 17th century, special gambling houses were established in Paris, where noblemen could have fun while playing the newly invented roulette or numerous card gambling games. The number of establishments of this kind constantly increased, they became more and more luxurious and brought huge profits to their owners. The development of gambling business did not stop until the Great French Revolution, after which the authorities decided to suspend the turbulent activity of gambling magnates. In relation to the casino, the money was subject to sanctions of various kinds, which significantly hampered the further development of the French gambling industry.

Gambling casinos of Monaco

1868 was marked by the opening of the first casino in the Principality of Monaco. Its capital, Monte Carlo is known as an analogue of American Las Vegas and is still the center of gambling in Europe. For 14 years until 1882, everyone who wished had a chance to visit and win substantial cashes from the casino, and then oblivion ensued – a legislative ban on gambling came into effect. The resort gambling houses were in a deplorable state and gradually fell into decay.

The new life of French casinos

In 1907 the French Minister of the Interior, Clemenceau, abolished the ban on gambling houses. Potential owners of gambling establishments have been allocated a specialized zone for their construction, located 100 km from Paris. The only exception was the city of Engen, located 15 km from the capital, where gambling houses thrive to this day. It seemed that everything fell into place, and the French again gained access to their favorite entertainments. In this case, the existence of gambling houses depended entirely on the availability of a license issued by the authorities.
Until 1931, the French played casino exclusively among themselves, and therefore slot machines, which already appeared and were in great demand in the US, were not quoted here. Moreover, the game slots were prohibited even when the game with the dealer was allowed. Accordingly, companies specializing in their production, too, was not. Conservatism of French gambling became especially noticeable in the 80’s, when gambling establishments inferior to casinos of neighboring countries in all respects. The turning point came in 1987 – the government of Jacques Chirac legalized slot machines, reduced the minimum age threshold for players under 18 and canceled the entrance fee to the casino. The flow of investment has poured into the gambling industry, it has reached a new level of development.

Modern casino and slot machines

Currently, in France, all types of gambling are legalized, including every online gaming club. In the virtual world of French institutions, as in greencasinos, visitors have the opportunity to use the machines of leading manufacturers, featuring a variety of subjects, impressive functionality and an attractive, memorable design. In addition, unlike real slots, working on the principle of “pan or disappeared”, virtual slots can be tested for free without registration. Is this not indicative of the final liberalization of the market?

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