Soft online casino

Soft online casino

If you have a little experience with online casinos, let me explain what is being said. Now in the industry there is a situation when casinos do not create their own software (soft) independently, but buy it from companies specializing in the production of such software. Casino with software from one manufacturer usually look similar, have the same interface and a set of games, often – the same methods of input-output (if you are new to online, be sure to read the article on the methods of payment). The difference is usually in the design (lobby view, coloring, logos), and sometimes the casino can offer exclusive games or vice versa – have a reduced set of games.

Soft online casino is usually divided into two categories – downloadable and unsettled, there are also mobile versions. In the case of downloadable casinos you are looking for a download button on the casino website and downloading the installer (usually a small 0.5-5 MB). This is a normal Windows executable file, run it, it downloads from the Internet and installs the files necessary to run the casino. At the end of the installer you get a minimal version of the casino from the lobby, where all the games are listed and can be 1-2 installed games. You start the casino, if necessary, register first, then log in and download all the other games. Some casinos download only the games you are going to play (that is, you choose them for the game, and you should download), but most casinos automatically start downloading all games. Unsuccessful versions are usually made on a flash (more modern on HTML5), they can be played directly from the browser without downloading programs. Browser versions allow you to start the game much quicker the first time, although each individual game runs a little longer than in the download version. Modern casinos offer mostly browser-based games, the time of downloading the casino gradually goes away. Also one of the modern trends is the creation of games on the HTML5 platform, which work equally well both on the computer and on mobile devices. Almost all the suppliers of slot machines considered here offer mobile versions, if not all, of many of their games.

In the world, perhaps, about hundreds of different software vendors for casinos, even domestic companies close to the top ten, but it is clear that the level of the product they have is very different. Currently, the leaders in the online casino software market include (in decreasing order of popularity) Microgaming, NetNet, Playtech, RTG, Novomatik, BetSoft, NYX (Microgaming, NetEnt, PlayTech, RTG, Novomatic / GreenTube, BetSoft, NYX). Following them is a series of “second-tier companies”, such as Boss Media, Vegas Technology (formerly OddsOn), Rival and many others. Each company has from ten to hundreds of customers (online casinos), in which their games are represented. All these companies are highly respected and casinos with their software are valued by players. I played the software of each of the mentioned companies and I can say that this is a good software and worthy of a casino. Please note that in serious companies, casinos can not change the payout rates in games! In general, the results of the games usually come from the software vendor’s server, so that the casinos themselves can not in any way regulate the results. In this and the dignity of the casino from well-known manufacturers – the likelihood that you are deceived, is very low (this applies not only to the honesty of games, but also to payments, etc.). If at the dawn of the online casino was the situation that in one casino there are games of only one software vendor, now everything has radically changed. The market has captured multisoft casinos, where games from several popular manufacturers are presented simultaneously. The largest casinos offer several dozen software, so you can cover most of the list of games in one place, which is very convenient!

For each of the presented companies, I made a brief overview of what software and casinos are. Here I will try to focus on slots, and also recommend a couple of casinos for the game. If you want to get an extended list of casinos with each of the software, then I recommend to visit the head site “Casino Online”, they are all listed there also with reviews of software and reviews for individual casinos. A separate line is the software from PartyGaming – it uses only one casino, but it belongs to one of the largest gambling companies, so due to its high popularity, its slots are also included in the database. There is also a separate page for some domestic casinos that offer slots of their own design. Now the leading Runet casinos work quite in the trend of multisoftness and use high-quality western software, but several old casinos still offer games of their own production, there they will be discussed.
Remember that in any decent online casino there is a practice mode. If you are not ready to play for real money, want to first get acquainted with the game, then you can always play

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