The best slot machines for comic books

The best slot machines for comic books

Several years ago we published a review article on the Casinoz portal about video slots of different brands created based on popular graphic novels. To admit, the article was not sufficiently informative. You can even call it superficial, as it is, for the most part, an outdated list of once popular models of famous developers.

Recently, large companies that produce software for online casinos have significantly intensified in this direction, which is due to the increased interest of the public to comic books. To this phenomenon Hollywood film companies have put their hand, they released spectacular screen versions of several comic books.

We, in turn, decided not to update the old material, but to prepare a new publication in which only the newest and most high-quality slot machines on superheroes from world-famous comic books will be considered.

So, let’s get started.

Playtech Video Slots

Recently, Playtech has entered into an exclusive agreement with Warner Bros. Thanks to this contract, she received the go-ahead for the production of a series of models for films that the popular film studio removed based on legendary graphic novels.

We tested the novelties and described their characteristics in separate articles, accessible by links. Below is a brief description of the best video slots about heroes of comics.

Green Lantern

Representatives of the Corps of Green Lanterns have long been known to fans of the genre. Company Warner Bros. Devoted to them a blockbuster Green Lantern, and developers from Playtech created for him a wonderful slot machine with a stunning design and exciting gameplay.

You should definitely test it to see for yourself how spectacular bonuses, prize backs and exploding symbols from winning combinations turned out to be.

Superman the Movie

To whom this video slot is dedicated, it is clear by name. Developers from Playtech created it based on the legendary film, so expect to meet with the long-known and beloved by many characters.

Excellent design is an important advantage of Superman the Movie, but even more impressive are its gaming capabilities. Cumulative jackpots, unique free-backs, a generous bonus round, three special symbols are just some of them. In a word, tune in to a giant wave of adrenaline, which will inevitably cover you with your head.

Superman II

And this model was born thanks to the 1985 film. In the slot machine “Superman 2” also appear heroes of the picture, with which you will seek the favor of Mrs. Udachi.

The main distinguishing feature of the novelty are numerous prize rounds of several kinds. Superman throws jokers around the screen. Free spins are struck by unusual bonuses, including additional multipliers and unexpected rewards. Special characters contribute to the calculation of payments on combinations. Due to the variety of gameplay play is not boring even in training mode.


In several of the largest online casinos on the software Playtech appeared several gaming machines about the adventures of Batman. The famous superhero again fights his sworn enemy Joker, and also challenges other villains.

We will not enumerate and describe all models of the series. You can run them in Winner and on other portals. All video slots have unique bonuses, they allow you to fight for accumulative jackpots and make an unforgettable impression spectacular design.

Cowboys & Aliens

The original comic book about aliens in the Wild West was not among the most famous works of this genre. The situation changed radically, when director John Favreau shot on his motives a fantastic film “Cowboys against Aliens” with the participation of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

Then the company Playtech drew attention to the unusual story, released a slot machine in its plot. We hope you enjoy the video slot, which has everything to win the hearts of comic book lovers and just connoisseurs of quality gambling.

Microgaming video slots

Agree, it would be extremely surprising if the mega-creative developers from Microgaming would have ignored such a fertile topic. Let us recall their main achievements in this field.

The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

Just the famous slots for comics for Microgaming are Batman games, based on the blockbuster films of director Christopher Nolan. How successful were the screen versions of popular graphic novels, as steep were both gaming machines.

Fans of stories about Batman, not indifferent to gambling, were given the opportunity to meet twice with your favorite hero and enjoy delicious bonuses, free spins and other opportunities that provide these wonderful games.
A detailed description of all the gameplay options you can find in our review articles on the links.

NextGen Gaming Video Slots

The company NextGen also pleases comic book enthusiasts with interesting thematic gambling. Let’s recall a few models of this brand.


NextGen also has a video slot about Batman, which became a remake of the model released by another manufacturer a few years ago. He was created directly from the graphic novel, and not through the film, as the aforementioned games.

Undoubted advantages of the device are very interesting bonus rounds and thematic freespins with additional prize-winning functions. Stylish design, effective sound, intuitive control system and the presence of adjustable options make the use of the machine doubly enjoyable.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd is among the most famous and popular characters in graphic novels in the history of the genre. He is known by any fan of comics, as well as many ordinary film-lovers who met colorful characters thanks to screen versions.

In the video slot of Judge Dredd special symbols with advanced functions are realized, numerous combinations, bonus payments and other gameplay options that will not leave you indifferent. Also worth mentioning is the excellent design of the model, which is in keeping with the spirit of the comics.

Justice League

Superheroes from the League of Justice are known not only to the true fans of the comic book genre. Superman, Batman and other characters in this “organization” are known to most people who are more or less interested in modern culture.

The company NextGen devoted to them the Justice League gaming machine. It will surprise you with a wide selection of various bonus options, unusual features of special pictures and other functions.

Video Slots from 1×2 Gaming

A promising software developer, strenuously seeking to squeeze out grants, also sometimes produces excellent gaming machines about comic book heroes. What pleases the company is not the beaten track and prefers non-local themes. Below is briefly told about several similar models.


The graphic novel Kick-Ass was not very popular among connoisseurs of the genre, until it was filmed in Hollywood. Russian viewers were presented a picture called “Pipets”. The film about a teenager who decided to fight alone against crime on the streets was quite successful and collected an impressive cash desk at the box office.

The company 1×2 Gaming has created on its motives the game device Kick-Ass. It is designed in the style of a comic book and has many unusual features. It implements several types of special characters, there is an unusual prize round and free spins.


The “Dead World” comic series is not as widely known as the works about Superman or Batman, but it also has a lot of dedicated fans. For them, the company 1×2 Gaming released a spectacular slot machine Deadworld.

Its design perfectly matches the spirit of the stories of stray dead, and a set of gameplay functions makes the device incredibly exciting. Be sure to take the risk of going on an unforgettable journey through the virtual expanses of the graphic novel Deadworld, realized on the video slot screen.

Games of other brands

Further we will discuss the developments of other companies, in whose portfolio the slot machines for comic books are also presented.

Superman – Last Son of Krypton from Amaya

Developers from Amaya also periodically turn to stories from popular comics. They could not ignore the legendary Superman. The company was dedicated to the excellent Superman – Last Son of Krypton.

Great design, impressive animation, excellent soundtrack, convenient control panel – all these features are important advantages, but the main advantages of the device lie in its gaming functions. You are waiting for excellent themed bonuses, unique prizes, cool freespins and much more, as described in the review of “The Last Krypton’s Son.”

The Dark Joker Rises by Yggdrasil Gaming

The company Yggdrasil knows how to surprise fans of online gambling. Its specialists constantly produce unusual slots, attracting attention with originality of subjects and non-standard approach to solving traditional problems.

One of the similar models of this brand was the machine The Dark Joker Rises. Of course, it can not be said that it is devoted directly to the film about the confrontation between Batman and the Joker, but, you see, analogies are asking themselves. We strongly recommend readers of Casinoz personally to experience this colorful and really interesting game.

Bloodshot from PariPlay

Slots based on the graphic novels of the studio Valiant are much less likely to attract the attention of developers of software for the casino than the products of DC Comics or Marvel. Fortunately for fans of her comic books, it was remembered by the specialists of the company Pariplay, who released the slot machine Bloodshot.

This is a cool novelty with a magnificent design, original features of special pictures, two varieties of free spins and large bonus payments. We recommend the video slot Bloodshot to all the gambling fans of this comic strip.

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