The biggest casino winnings

The biggest casino winnings

Many years there are disputes about the Internet casino. Some argue that this is a real project in which you can win money. And the other side insists that this is a divorce and a “scam.”

True lovers of excitement attracts the opportunity to win a tidy sum in the casino. To be sure that you will be paid your big win in the casino, you need to choose a quality and proven institution that has been working for several days already.

To date, the online casino is very popular and a lot of players sit every day for hours at a roulette or automatic. Among them, many can boast of round winnings. Officially credited the largest winnings in the casino in 2003, a resident of Los Angeles broke the jackpot of millions of dollars. At the same time, his initial rate was slightly less than dollars.

On-line institutions practically do not differ from a real casino. The principle of betting and the meaning of games is the same. The only thing is that all actions take place on the computer screen.

As for the online casino, these institutions do not lag behind the winnings. In the year, the largest online casino winnings of 17.8 million euros were registered.

The most popular gambling club is the Volcano. With this online casino you can get a charge of positive emotions and get rich for a tidy sum. This casino has been tested for years and many people have already grown rich due to this institution.

The biggest winnings in the Vulcan Casino in Russia:

2 million rubles in the machine “Diamond Trio”
700 thousand rubles
500 thousand rubles in the machine “Pearl of the Dolphin”

Wins of the institution Volcano around the world:

In 1892, Charlie Wells broke into the roulette 1 million dollars
Mike Ashley $ 1.6 Million
2005 Alvin Sherwin won … ..20 million dollars
In 2013, the Finn won 17.8 million. Euro. Lucky chose to stay incognito.
Archie Karas broke 10 thousand dollars, putting only 50 dollars.

A more detailed list of wins can be seen in the section “Hall of Fame” on the official site of the Vulcan Casino.

Looking at these amounts it becomes clear that having a goal and desire in online casino to win good money is quite realistic. Only for this you need to be serious about the business, interested in the strategies of games. The main thing is faith in victory. Not surprisingly, skeptics are not lucky at the casino. But to play or not, it’s up to you.

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