The most unusual casino of the future

The most unusual casino of the future

Well, who will visit ordinary casinos when such establishments are opened that will impress with their unique and non-standard architecture and location? We present to you futuristic projects of the most fantastic casinos that will exist not only on the ground, but also on the water and even in space!

Playboy will launch a casino into space

The creative idea of ​​creating a space casino belongs to the company Playboy. According to the idea, the project will be a round shape and a diameter of 2 km. The effect of gravity inside the building will be achieved due to constant rotation around its axis.

Guests will be offered roulette, gaming machines, poker, disco, restaurants and bars. Food in the cosmic casino will be prepared not in the traditional way, but with the help of bioprinting technology – biological cells, connecting with each other, will form various products.

Swedish “Sun of Miami”

An unusual project of a solar hotel-casino Miami Sun was presented by the Swedish company “Vision division”. It is obvious that the cold Scandinavians still gravitate toward heat, therefore they designed a building in the form of a solar disk. The conceptual design of the casino is based on the energy-saving system.

The object from the outside will be completely covered with solar panels, which accumulate solar energy. At night, the batteries will give energy collected over the whole day and produce the effect of moonlight shimmering. Miami Sun is planned to be installed on the water surface of the Miami coast.

Three Spirits – casino hotel in the open sea

Three Spirits is the offspring of the young Polish architect Philip Kuzevsky. A futuristic project will be three ships that function separately, but meeting, they will create a common water area. Since each of the ships is a separate unit, it is possible to “divide” the vessel so that they temporarily cruise under a separate program.

This project will have three floors of entertainment for every taste. At the first, guests can enjoy communication with each other, the second is reserved for casinos, and the third is for different cultural events: theatrical productions, broadcast of sports matches, film screenings.

An additional bonus for visitors will be the opportunity to admire the beauty of the underwater world, immersed in the depths of the sea in special diving capsules. When developing the project, Kuzevsky constantly consulted with marine architects.

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