The rarest bonus online casino

The rarest bonus online casino

It’s no secret that in online casinos there are a variety of bonuses. Some of them are so common that any more or less decent institution is simply obliged to offer them to its customers. For example, who will seriously take the casino without a bonus on the first deposit or some kind of its analogue.

We devoted all this variety to a separate article on the portal, and now we are going to talk about the bonus, which, it seems to us, comes to the casino least of all, although it enjoys great popularity among the players. Have you guessed what will be discussed? If not, then we will poke you a bit and suggest that you make an excursion to the recent past, when many large and small casinos worked on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and other countries from the former USSR.

What are we talking about?

Their employees and even regular visitors probably remember how a certain part of the lost amount was returned to a separate (or even all) customers. It could be five, ten and even twenty-five percent. This practice was especially widespread at the very beginning of the development of gambling business in the country, when the rules were unnecessarily strict, and there were almost no professionals among the visitors. It was rather difficult to win at the casino, and it was necessary to lure customers at any cost.
Almost in all institutions from such returns were gradually completely abandoned, returning to them in rare individual cases. But they appeared in online casinos in the form of so-called cash back bonuses. But some time passed and they practically disappeared from here. What is the reason for such unpopularity? Naturally, at the disadvantage of these bonuses for the casino.

What is the reason?

The fact is that casinos offer bonuses to players not because they want to make them enjoyable and not just because competition requires it. A competently built bonus program stimulates the desire of customers to play. Most bonuses are arranged in such a way that the player is forced to bet for their wagering and turning into real money. While he will win back the bonus, he may well lose some of his deposit.
Moreover, the bulk of the bonuses offered now do not at all represent a player’s advantageous offer. But we will not dwell on this topic in detail again, because earlier we have already considered it in a special article.
The bonus of the return of lost money is based on the already made rates, therefore for a casino it becomes not simply useless, but unprofitable. The client gets back some of the lost money, and he does not need to refill his game account. Yes, in the process of wagering this bonus, he may well lose it, but this does not always happen, and casinos just do not want to take risks.
It turns out that the casino risks to lose in addition, but it can not win even theoretically. Of course, you can try to force a player to make a new deposit to get a cash back bonus, but it is unlikely that such an action will be popular.

How does this happen?

The principle of operation of such bonuses is simple. The player receives back some of the money lost during the allotted time period. This can be 10-15% of the amount that he left in the casino for the day, week, month, quarter and so on. Strict rules are not here, but usually the maximum amount of a possible cash back bonus is artificially limited.

Such an action can be held in an online casino all the time, or it can be dedicated to some significant event (for example, an institution’s anniversary). In a simpler version, such bonuses can be accrued on certain days of the week. The percentage of refund can fluctuate depending on the amount lost.

Terms of wagering such a bonus can be stricter than bonuses on deposit. For example, it is allowed to win back only in keno or slots with a low payout percentage.

Why is he a casino?

But there are certain benefits for the casino from such bonuses. First of all, it is the strengthening of a positive image and the creation of a benevolent mood among clients. The winning visitor is so happy, and the loser will not be so sad if he gets a free opportunity to recoup. The next time, again losing, he will think that for him all is not lost.

Which casinos have a cash back bonus?

To ordinary players of online casinos, as already mentioned above, this bonus is provided very rarely. Somewhat more often it is available to VIP persons, in which the institution is particularly interested. Nevertheless, in the category of legends and myths, the cash back bonus has not yet passed, and it can be found. For example, in the online casino 777 Dragon customers receive 10% of the lost amount, but not more than 10 000 dollars, euros or pounds per month. This bonus is subject to the minimum wager requirements.

Good bonuses and interesting stocks in online casinos are becoming less, but so far they are. Follow our publications to always be aware of all the best that can be in the fascinating world of internet gambling.

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