The secret of the success of Gaminators

Have you ever wondered why some slot machines are more popular than others? In this article, we’ll look at the reasons for the success of some slots.

The leader in the production of slot machines on the territory of the CIS for a long time is the Austrian company Novomatic AG. Game Gaminators – so in the environment of players called slots of this company. They are created with the participation of experts in psychological technologies and neuro-linguistic programming.

So what do they hook us on the hook? Let’s start with the story. The first slot machines appeared in the early 20th century. At first they were not a kind of gambling. Many of them gave chewing gum as a prize. It was from these machines that fashion was put on the drums of the image of fruit. What symbols fell into the winning combination on the slot, the chewing gum with such a taste, he gave out.

Color coding

Later on, animated characters began to appear among the images of gaming machines. Here the effect of “unfamiliar” symbols arose. The players at the subconscious level did not have a clear understanding of which symbols are more profitable. To solve this problem, the slots drums were put on signs from card decks: 10, J, Q, K, A. They give a clear idea of ​​the order of precedence of combinations in the machine. The older the card, the more it benefits. Other pictures were the most profitable symbols.

In order for a player to easily distinguish card symbols, they were decided to label them in different colors, and these colors were used in the same order for many automata. This allowed the player to accustom the player to the corresponding scheme of color identification of the symbols.

These methods of character-color coding use today almost every Gaminator online. As an exception, you can call the Dolphins gaming machine for free. Its general color scheme does not allow the use of a large number of different shades, but as an example of the implementation of the described methods of identification, you can bring the Gaminator slot Book Ra to play for free. Its color structure of marking characters is simple and familiar to everyone who used to play other gaming devices.

In addition to color, there is also the encoding of the form and content of the picture. Consider this phenomenon by looking once more at the automaton Book Ra. The most “profitable” symbols are very different from “cheap” ones. Scarab, a figurine and a pharaoh do not have a background. Images of the researcher and the book itself are placed on the background of the landscape, which undoubtedly highlights them.

Audio coding

Sound coding is no less effective than visual coding, so it is widely used by free Gaminators. Surely, you can remember the sounds that your favorite slot is releasing. They are service and context-related. You can hear the service accordions by rotating the drum, transferring money to the account, shuffling the deck in a risk-game. Context-related sounds are basically melodies of large combinations and big wins that help the player to understand how big he is lucky.

Encoding with animation

Multi Gaminators also actively use animation coding. The more expensive the combination, the longer and better the animation will be. For example, when three scarabs fall out on the playing field of the Book of Ra slot, they are lightly highlighted. If the scarabs are four or five, they fly off and start circling the crypt.

Association with pleasure

Why all this is necessary? Then, that neural connections are fixed in our brain, associating all these types of encoding with pleasure. A person who has experienced at least once the euphoria of winning, will continue to strive to get these feelings. Encoding fixes these feelings and translates the joy from winning from the rational to the emotional. The player, in the long run, becomes important is not the amount of the winnings, but the very fact of victory. To feel it again and again, players are willing to spend their time playing, losing money.


Gambling people are helped in this “adaptive” gaming machines. Its essence is not only in controlling the amount of money given out and received. Its main role is to “play along” the player, slipping winning combinations from time to time, stimulating pleasure centers.

All these kinds of stimulation of players are fully used by the Gaminator automata. Rare exceptions, such as Dolphins, can afford not to use one of the encoding types. The main mass of slots completely satisfies the requests of players, causing them bursts of adrenaline. As you can see, the popularity of gaming machines Gaminator Novomatic is quite natural.

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