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Top 5 biggest casino winnings

Each player wants to break a big win. But it is possible only to some. What was the biggest win in the casino? We propose to find out the name of the lucky beggar, as well as other big gamers who managed to earn millions in gambling.

This TOP represents the largest players who have won big casino wins. They helped their strategy and, of course, good luck. So, who became a millionaire with the help of a casino.

Archie Caras – $ 40,000,000 winnings

Who else can? Go to the institution of excitement in Las Vegas with a banknote of $ 50, and go out with 40 million? Putting his $ 50, Archie Karas broke a considerable amount – 10 thousand dollars. Of course, he could stop, which would be natural. But he continued the game and broke the jackpot in the amount of $ 40 million.

Unfortunately, luck quickly left Archie. Eventually, he lost everything he had won. Therefore, it is very important to be able to stop in time, which is what we advise players.

Peter – won in the online casino $ 38 million

What were the biggest casino winnings? This is $ 38 million. A guy named Peter, just lying on the couch, made bets on the Internet on the Arabian Nights slot. He managed to break the world’s largest progressive jackpot. The player was so surprised that at first he did not believe in his winnings.

Elmer Sherwin – broke 21 million dollars

This lucky guy was able to foil more than one big casino win. Playing in the Megabucks slot, he won a progressive jackpot of $ 5 million. It happened in 1989. And in 2005 he again received a jackpot – 21 million dollars, becoming a multi millionaire. To win such a jackpot, practice playing slot machines for free without registering on our website.

Mike Ashley – won $ 1.6 million

This player broke a big win in roulette. He sat down to play just for fun. Having made a big bet, he immediately won 1.6 million dollars. Mike immediately got up from the table, thanked the dealer and took his money.

Charlie Wells – earned $ 1 million in casinos

This player received a big win at the Monte Carlo casino. In 1892, Charlie played roulette, twisting it for 11 hours in a row. As a result, the amount of his profit was 1 million dollars.

All these lucky men were not afraid to risk playing with money. They proved that you can win in the casino. It is necessary to try only.

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