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Top 5 most fashionable poker players!

Professional poker players amaze fans of excitement with their clever play, subtle calculation and phenomenal abilities for analytics. The wins they break at every major championship are amazing. The only thing that escapes these wizards of the card world is style. Not every master of analysis at the poker table can boast of an impeccable appearance.
Today we will bring to your attention the top 5 most stylish, fashionable and attractive poker players.

Daniel Negreanu

In addition to the extraordinary talent of the poker player Daniel has a special affection for first-class designer shoes. The famous player is the owner of an extensive collection, which is constantly replenished. All new items Negreanu always puts in his instagram. And although, he often goes out into the ordinary casual style, but he always has another work of art on his feet.

Samantha Abernathy

Young beautiful Samantha attracts poker fans not only with the ability to competently bet and masterfully bluff. She closely follows her figure, engaged in the gym and often rides a bicycle. Clothing, which prefers Abernathy, emphasizes her grace and plasticity. Perhaps – this is one of her tricks, which allows you to distract the attention of opponents at the poker table.

Andrew Moreno

The famous professional takes special care of the female audience. Andrew is always dressed with a needle, has a fine hairstyle and is to some extent an “icon of style” among male poker players. The wife of Moreno is the charming Christy Arnett. She often appears in tournaments with her husband and their outfits perfectly harmonize, creating a certain ensemble.

Liv Boeri

The world-famous poker room is able to shock the public not only with its intellect, but also with a stylishly thought out exterior. The winner of many tournaments prefers to appear in public in chic white or red dresses. A searing brunette knows how to attract attention and is an ornament of any event with her participation.

Tony Dunst

The top of the list of the most stylish poker players is deservedly occupied by the Australian macho Tony Dunst. His appearance is always perfect. The perfect hairstyle, designer costumes, the manners of a true gentleman and the constant smile with squint make him the main heartthrob poker party. Many gamblers try to inherit its unique style and manner of holding on.

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