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Every player who spends a lot of time in an online casino, asks, what is the optimal amount of bets to achieve the highest possible chances of winning? Naturally, there is no exact answer to this question, otherwise the very existence of the online casino would be in jeopardy. However, there are some tips that can help to increase the chances of winning, which we will discuss in this article.

Just note that we will consider two versions of the casino: for playing at high stakes and at minimum rates.

Online casino for playing at minimum rates

It is important to understand that pastime in an online casino, first of all, is entertainment and refers to this, as a way of earning, not worth it. First, the gameplay is almost independent of you, and completely based on randomness, so you can not receive a fixed income. Secondly, most likely, you will soon lose a large amount, playing a long time, rather than win it.

So, in order to choose the optimal bet size, you need to study in detail the online casino in which you are going to play. You need to understand how loyal the attitude of the institution to the players, payments, read reviews in numerous forums, talk with a technical support specialist, about limits on input / output of funds, etc.

This is done in order to understand whether it makes sense to play in this casino at the rates that will be most convenient for you. For example, if the casino has set a limit on withdrawing $ 10,000 per month and $ 2,500 per week, then what’s the point of playing at it at $ 5? After all, in case of a big win, it will be very difficult for you to withdraw it, and this process will take several months.

In such online casinos you should play at $ 1- $ 3 for spinning. When playing at such rates, it is unlikely that you will be able to win an amount that will be several times higher than the monthly withdrawal limit, so it will be much easier to withdraw it.

Online casino for playing at high stakes

Of course, when it comes to serious money, then it is necessary to approach the matter with full seriousness. We recommend you to prefer foreign online casinos or reliable large Russian players like RedStar Casino, MarathonBet Casino, PlayFortuna Casino, JoyCasino or Casino-X if you wish to play bets from $ 5- $ 10 and up for rotation. The fact that in the community of players is widely believed that in small online casinos there are no big gains due to lack of money. Everything is logical: there are few players, there is little profit, and therefore the reserves of payments are limited.

If you value your money, and we are sure that this is so, we recommend that you also study the financial reports of the casinos chosen by you. In open access, you can find the relevant documents of the largest online casinos, so you should give preference to them. We advise you to choose one of the institutions, whose reputation has never been seriously tarnished. These include JoyCasino, Videoslots, Unibet Casino, MarathonBet Casino and RedStar Casino. When playing in one of them, you will feel absolutely calm and, when the time comes for Cache, wonder how easy and simple this process will be. These casinos every month pay hundreds of millions of dollars to users, so no one will risk their reputation for your several tens of thousands.

If we talk about winnings and examples, most recently there appeared a new game from the company NextGen Gaming, called 300 Shields, let’s take it for an example. Note that this slot can give a pretty big win, the amount of which can reach several hundred thousand dollars. So, in order not to get into a situation in which the casino does not have the means to pay such a sum to the player, the RedStar Casino management, for example, limited the maximum bet on this slot to $ 1. It turns out that the wolves are full, and the sheep are whole – everyone is happy. The casino will not earn to itself problems with reputation because of delay of payment, and the player will receive all prize.

Of course, RedStar Casino is not the only casino running on such a system, so you can spend several hours and find similar examples. The main thing, remember: play within your means, do not make huge deposits and do not borrow for playing in a casino. If you spend money on entertainment with the mind, then you will get a full rest, a good mood, and, if you are lucky, also an increase to the salary in the form of winnings on the machine.

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