What are scatters and what are they useful in gaming machines?

What are scatters and what are they useful in gaming machines?

Playing any gaming devices without registration without SMS, you can see on the reels a variety of characters. In this case, they can perform different functions: conventional images simply bring a certain gain, wild symbols can replace other images. But it’s worth noting the symbols of the scatterers. Their name comes from the English word, which corresponds to the Russian word “scatter”.

Scatter symbols have received this name because of their main feature: even if such images fall out of line, the player will still receive his bonus. In other words, the symbols of the scatterers can be in any position on the reels. The main condition that must be observed in this case is the number of characters.

The use of symbols of scatters in a free casino game

Symbols scatters usually serve to launch special bonus games. In the simplest version, such games are represented by a series of bonus rotations. Usually, in order for the free game to start, it’s enough that the drum has three images. But some slot machines for free without registration offer a slightly different principle: the more the symbols of the scatterers fall out, the more, accordingly, the gambler will receive free spins.

Another situation, which is also often encountered in slot machines, is the launch of a separate bonus game when the symbols of the scatterers fall out. Usually the essence of this game is that the player is asked to choose one item from several. There may be hidden attractive prizes, and something negative.

And free spins, and additional bonus rounds are able to bring the user an excellent reward. Usually during bonus games, there are increasing coefficients, which allows you to get a good amount. That is why many users who have looked into the free casino gambling, choose for themselves slot machines with symbols of scatters. Thus, the Scatter symbols are very necessary and important, because without them, for sure, there would not be such high winnings, which often get lucky.

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