What are slot machines with bonuses?

Recently, it is difficult to find an apparatus that does not contain any bonuses at all. There are old geminators, like Sizzling Hot and Ultra Hot, but they are more likely an exception to the rules. Developers made slot machines with bonuses because this is how the game becomes more interesting, and payments are more frequent. Of course, in this case, the winning amounts go down, but we get a spectacular process and pleasant surprises.

If you enter the slot and see that there are characters with the signature “Wild”, “Scatter” and “Bonus” in the paytable “Paytable”, then you know – this is the bonus combination of the machine. Today they are present almost everywhere, so we will consider them in detail and try to benefit from everyone.

Wild symbol

This image knows no rules. It always stands apart and helps the player to improve the results, turning into other symbols and at the same time, often doubling the amount received with the combination in half.

Slot machines with bonuses

Take for example the book symbol in the slot machine Book of Ra. If there are 2 scarabs on the active payline and next to them a book, then you will get an increase in the rate of 30 times, instead of 5.

From the shortcomings of the wild symbol, we can distinguish that it covers itself with potentially advantageous combinations, takes up space on the drums and, thereby, reduces the chances of getting fat payments. But you will receive them more often.

The scatter symbol (Scatter)

Active lines of payments do not apply to him at all. They simply do not need it, because wherever there is a sign of dispersion, you will receive a payment. The main thing is that they fall out a little bit.

Bonus machine combinations

To demonstrate his work, consider the money slot The Money Game. The golden dollar sign here acts as a “Scatter”. By collecting 3, 4 or 5 such symbols at any point of the reels simultaneously, we get multiplication of 45, 180 or even 4500 times. Moreover, a free bonus game is activated, with 15 rotations (free spins) and a triple increase in all the amounts received.

Remember! The spread is most often accompanied by free starts of the machine, and if you find such a function in the payout table, do not play a large number of lines. Just place a bet higher and wait for these bonus symbols on the screen, then a good jackpot will be provided to you! This possibility is both a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time. Whoever plays …

Bonus symbol (Bonus)
It is present in those slots where there is a special story mini-game. It starts if there are 3 or more such symbols on the screen.

Bonuses in the gaming machine

For example, in the notorious Resident automatic device from the developer Igrosoft, the appearance of safes on drums marks the beginning of a fascinating spy quest. First you need to open 4 safes. If after this the hero remains alive, he will move to a room with two doors. Behind one is a ruthless bouncer, and behind another is a charming radio operator, for which he came. Victory will bring a very large jackpot.

As in the situation with the dispersion, such machines require careful play on a low number of paylines and a high rate. Catching a bonus quest, you increase the chances of getting good amounts and not letting down the entire bank.

Bonuses are good!

They diversified our game, made it bright and interesting. Seeing the machine with the presence of special symbols, we immediately develop a special strategy, drawing on our experience, cunning and talent. And this gives a special charm to gambling for the desired winnings.

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