What are the betting rates in the casino

What are the betting rates in the casino?

In this matter, everything depends on your material possibilities and your preferences. But in general, for example, video slots are usually not put much, because it’s gambling with high odds, but with a high casino advantage. But blackjack and roulette have low coefficients and low dealer advantage, so they risk more. So, if you are in doubt, what are the bet sizes to make in the casino, then look also at the type of entertainment chosen.

Small stakes on video slots are good in that they allow you to have a long game session with a good chance of winning. In blackjack and roulette, money is played much faster if the player does not go fart. On slots and video pokers, when you risk trivialities, then you do not bother intellectually, do not be afraid to lose out on the current back, rest more and get the joy of the gameplay. But if you start to put, for example, in blackjack in a big way, then adrenaline will quickly reach the critical mark of excitement. If you put it badly, you immediately want to quickly recoup to fill the financial losses. And here is the risk that you will lose.

In general, blackjack, poker and roulette are money-oriented and cold-blooded, and not for your enjoyment of reasonable excitement. They are more dangerous in the sense that the player starts himself, imperceptibly for himself, to increase the risks. Enrichment seems very simple, self-control disappears. Many people think that they are under control, and then they do not notice how they start several hundred thousand per turn in blackjack. And in this case, not all these gamblers can boast of excellent welfare.
In slots, this situation is much less common. The visitor understands that even small victories will not fall on each back, and this awareness helps him to refrain from great risk.

The game in large demands both money and experience

The most stupid thing you can think of is when an unsecured person gets some money somewhere, and then goes to great risks to instantly “become successful.” However, in reality gambling clubs almost always punish such dreamers. And as a result, the desire for easy earnings turns into completely empty pockets and huge financial difficulties. If you, for example, are not a rich man, then why boo and put a lot? But if the funds are allowed to you, then large bets will become common for you.

If you are an average person, the big risks can lead to quick and huge losses, but can also enrich you. However, one should not take risks so much, this is an unjustified method of enrichment, which led many to a “broken trough”. Lucky even a little bit – so rejoice at your small achievement, you do not need to fixate on the fact that Ivanov won a million, and Petrov – two million, and you only 1000 rubles. The resources specifically publish information about the best, the biggest victories, because other people constantly want to repeat someone else’s success. In land gambling houses, this is also, as it were, the best advertisement when a slot machine starts to pour money, or the player puts the chips into a big box, because they do not fit on the playing place. In general, no one can advise you exactly how to bet in the casino, because – this is your personal, personal decision.

Only a minimal risk is fully justified

Any casino with cash rates is an entertaining institution, invented for easy gambling. To use large sums, if you are not a rich man, it is very stupid, risky, unjustified. With a large amount won, you will enter into excitement only more strongly and it is unlikely that you will stop already. In general, the most unpleasant thing is when he did risk a lot of money, but after the first win he went blind with happiness and lost everything. And its a large sum of money, and a big win. In this case, there is a strong depression, a reluctance to ever play and visit an online casino. Big losses even millionaires are not always easily experienced, and if a person has so many financial problems, he sees this as a real catastrophe.

You can achieve success with the most insignificant deposit. It is best to sacrifice a minimum, but get the maximum. For example, in Casino-X there are Playboy and Mega Moolah slots, in which extremely convenient conditions, and in them you can play absolutely ridiculous deposit. But the return can be such that you will be 1000% happy with your pastime. And those who constantly dream of an accidental win of $ 1,000,000 risk the last resort for him, very often they are literally without pants. Luck quickly punishes for greed, for excitement, for excessively overpriced conceit. These are the most desired players for them, who have a dream of money covering all common sense.

List of additional recommendations

You can be very useful mathematical skills, if you play blackjack / roulette and constantly experiment with the size of the set amount. If you play on the same stitch, it’s extremely difficult to go into a plus, you will gradually go into negative. We felt that now there will be a victory – raise the risks.

In blackjack (and in roulette too) to win more 2-3 times in a row – already a rare luck, and it can not be particularly expected. A player who has won several times in a row must know that after the win, the moment of loss always comes. With each new victory, the probability of a loss increases, and with each new loss the chance of success increases.

You should not regret the money that you lost, because you bought them a vacation of chance. Winning is just a pleasant accident, especially winning the jackpot.

If you have aimed solely at the progressive jackpot, then in no case do not overestimate the risks. Progressive slot must be twisted very long and hard to increase the chances, but it is not necessary for him to have a big bankroll.

Sometimes the player suddenly receives a deceptive insight that now it is necessary to put a lot of money for “black”. These are very typical cases when suddenly such a moment comes, and you are absolutely sure that now there will be a victory. In fact, the victory in such cases is 50:50, so think about whether it is justifiable to take such a risk.

It’s always easier to play on slots, you do not have to think, there’s no such strong desire to take risks. Use the trifle and enjoy the excitement.

Typical minimum rates

Conditions in the recommended institutions are suitable for everyone! So, on slots, their minimum value varies from a penny to 15 rubles. Most of the players just and play – an average of 5 rubles per spin. Stakes for roulette, as a rule, already higher, but not in all institutions. For example, Azartplee and Europe – from 0.10 $ for roulette (or in rubles) – for equal chances. But in Casino-X already from 50 rubles. That is, you can not put on the number of less than 50 rubles, and this is already inconvenient. After all, a bet on a sector, it’s not easy to win. And play with a small amount of money simply does not work. If in Arbitration you can with pleasure and long “drive” a roulette with only $ 5 on the account, then in Casino-X you need at least a bankroll of 1000 rubles to have a real chance, not crane in the sky.


As you can see, in this article we specifically stressed the dangers that carry the big risks, because it is because of the stupid gambling losses that all the troubles occur. Raise your bet always with extreme caution. Well, in the presence of excellent slots, it’s simply unjustifiably to play “groceries” all the time, because slots are ideal when you play on them for fun.

Avoid unnecessary dangers, because a random win in the future – this is not an excuse to invest a fortune and gambling. If it was so easy to win in gambling houses, then everyone would only be in them all day “earned”. And in the end, the picture is reversed: the institutions themselves are becoming continuously richer, and the number of Ludomans is growing. Such pastime can not be called safe if you are a high roller.

Dreaming of fabulous winnings, a player loses what he has, even if at first everything goes well. It’s just that we, the people, have the psychology arranged: won 10,000, we need to win 20,000, won 50,000, we have to win 100,000. And luck does not even have to do with it, it happens that luck, but the player in the case of luck is only kindled with excitement. But you need to rest on the contrary, withdraw the win or lower the bet. When real money is at stake, they do not tolerate a wrong attitude.

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