What are the numbers in the casino?

What are the numbers in the casino?

Any gaming results in an honest casino fall out only on the principle of random numbers, not subject to logic. The higher the overall game payout (which is indicated in the audit reports), the higher the chance of winning. For large bets, the role of the general fund also plays a role. In popular it is more, in smaller ones – less. Therefore, artistry can be absolutely honest, but if it is small, and the game fund is small, then the possibility of winning with a big bet will be lower, with a small one. Players may not like this, and, knowing about it, the owners of some casinos add MD5 control to visually demonstrate the independence of the bet from the winnings.

Naturally, if you ask for support, what numbers fall out in the casino, they will respond that it happens absolutely randomly. In general, you should not blame the casino for dishonesty, if from small bets it pours you much more often than with large bets. The institution will still not go beyond the general peyout and its game fund. That is, you can not win 10 million dollars in that casino, where the total bank of the game is $ 1,000,000. Therefore, the institutions themselves limit your bids, and with a low playing fund, you will not be given the opportunity to place too much.

But there is a pleasant moment. It consists in the fact that any legal institution in terms of its activities must be absolutely solvent, and this is very strictly controlled. If the bet is $ 100 and you win $ 1,000,000, then an honest institution will always have this amount to withdraw this winnings.

Logic is not the best assistant in gambling

The biggest losses happen just because the player turned on the logic, calculated something to himself and is absolutely sure of the positive outcome of the game. That’s why he takes and puts a large amount. But the advantage is still always in the online casino for money, in any gaming session. This confidence in victory, determined by logical inferences, is in fact very erroneous. For example, you fold 10 times black, and you think, right now, 100% will be red, go all-in, eventually – black again. There are millions of such cases, the players write negative angry responses that this can not happen, etc.

In live games, the payout is natural, not defined

That is why the rates in them are often severely limited. Quite a few places where in live-games the betting limits are the same as in virtual versions. They are almost always lower, and much lower. Even on VIP tables of large casinos for roulette you can limit the rate up to 300-500 dollars, not more. While in virtual roulette it will be possible to put in 2-3 times more. Therefore, the preferences of serious players are inclined, still in live games.

In spite of the fact that the total payments in them may not reach 97% (the physical trajectories of the ball can not be predicted), but the peyout will be natural, not definite. Although it can not be said at the same time that wins are somehow easier to win in live games. Therefore, on a difficult question, which roulette is more effective for winnings? Virtual or real? The answer is simple: choose any, but in a reliable casino. And in that, and in another you will have a good, fair chance of winning.

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