What mistakes are typical for beginners in video poker

What mistakes are typical for beginners in video poker?

To date, video poker is a popular, however, at the same time, rather complicated game and, if you want to achieve any serious success in it, it will take a lot of effort. In order to play video poker with high-level feedback, the first thing to do is figure out how to choose the most profitable variant, and also learn the optimal strategy that is developed for this version.

Nevertheless, in the end, these efforts will be rewarded a lot, because in some versions of video poker, the mathematical advantage of a gambling establishment can be reduced to zero or draw an advantage in own favor.

The first thing you need to do is to disassemble the basics of the game and get rid of the key mistakes that almost all beginners sin, and also carefully read the rules (keep in mind that there are a lot of varieties of video poker and their rules are very different).

What mistakes are typical for beginners?

First and most importantly – choose the game. As already mentioned above, the casino offers a large number of varieties of video poker (there are about 50 of them all) and this can easily confuse the novice player. Most people without experience sit down with vending machines with very bright graphics, a huge number of jokers and a bribed progressive jackpot.

But all this will not affect the effectiveness of your game, because you definitely need to learn to understand the payout table. After all, it is in her, by and large, the differences between the various variations of this game.

Needless to say, the same kind of video poker, produced by different manufacturers, can have serious differences from each other in terms of payments on the same combinations. And this is provided that the rest of the gameplay will be identical.

In some cases, the player has the opportunity to study the level of theoretical return – be sure to do this, because, the higher this figure is, the correspondingly, the game will be more profitable.

Rejection of the basic strategy

In general, it would be more competent to title this section as an unwillingness to teach a basic strategy. Laziness plays a cruel joke on the person and this is especially true for video poker, where the results do not depend on the will of Fortune, but also, to some extent, on the skill of the player. Actually, the game of intuition is the way of people who play only for pleasure and do not aspire to earn something here. Constant workouts, basic recommendations and nothing else.

By the way, after studying one basic strategy, be prepared for the fact that later you will need to study the strategy for other varieties of video poker, as there are no universal solutions. For example, if you are trying to apply a strategy for playing Jacks or Better, skating in Deuces Wild, nothing good will end there.

Some varieties of video poker offer higher payouts on older combinations (traditionally, however, a higher ratio is only set for Royal Flush), provided that the client plays at the highest stakes.

If the manufacturer of the machine has indicated the level of the theoretical return of the game, it is calculated taking into account the potential win. Thus, if you bet from 1 to 4 coins, you will lose the chance to get large enough payments (and often the chance for a progressive jackpot). To play not on the maximum rate on such automatic machines – not the best decision

Summing up

The main secret of the plus players – they managed to choose the most profitable model for themselves, where the level of theoretical return is maximum. When a variety of video poker has been selected, you will need to select the optimal strategy for the game. It is not superfluous to study the recommendations and advice. Beginners admit a huge number of errors, so do not rush to go to the game with virtual money for real money.

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