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Which slots do US players choose?

Americans like to spend time in online casinos. Although in the United States and there is the opportunity to play on a real machine, but still many players choose the Internet playgrounds. What do they prefer to play?

American players no less than Russians like to play slot machines for free and without registration. In the US, people like to entertain on slots without monetary bets, but there are also those who play only for money.

Popular online games of Americans

For US residents, gambling is not a curiosity. So, 86% of Americans at least once in their lives, but put real money in the casino. In this case, they often choose the following games:

In the first place slots: they are preferred by 90% of the players;
Card games in second place;
The least popular roulette and bones.

As you can see, most often Americans choose slot machines, avoiding table games. At the same time, 60% of players believe that the best are slots with small and frequent payments. And 33% of the players prefer automatic machines with progressive jackpots.

Many Americans play online machines for free, without making real money. Most often, people make money on medium and high incomes.

Note that for several years in a row the most popular among US gamers is the Wheel of Fortune slot, featuring a simple and exciting storyline. Although our favorite clubbing and books, players love no less. But sophisticated automatic machines, with colorful and incredible stories, are not particularly popular.

If we talk about card games, then players prefer poker. But also does not remain without attention and blackjack.

As you can see, online gambling is popular in the United States, but mostly Americans spend their time playing slot machines.

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